Citizens and Americans

    I am a citizen of the United States of America by birth, but American by choice. Two very important labels that I am proud to wear. Here are a few others that other people have attempted to apply to me: conservative, liberal libertarian, Italian-American  political animal catholic, Mormon moron, american invader, killer pro-life, pro-choice anti-gay, homophobic misogynistic, christian atheist, centrist RINO, republican …and many more. So who cares? THEY do. Why does it matter what | Read More »

    Liberal Name Calling

    The Left has taken a particular interest of late in trying to convey any conservative (and libertarian) ideology as “extreme,” “dangerous” or “anti-government.”  Liberals call any opposition to Anthropogenic Global Warming anti-science even though the myth of consensus on IPCC report has been debunked.  While always attacking the science, the climate change movement always makes sure to also attack the skeptics personally.  Militia and anti-tax | Read More »