Obamacare And The Hot Dog

    With phoenix-like resilience, Democratic attempts to resurrect Obamacare have begun again in earnest yesterday as Teh Won unveiled a hybrid of the House and Senate versions that passed last year. We know it has everything to do with control of the people as opposed to the Orwellian spin that Obamacare has to do with health care. Later on yesterday, I saw this on the ABC | Read More »

    Constitutional Education: The importance of Natural Rights

    The enlightenment philosopher John Locke is commonly thought of as the first exponent of the doctrine of natural rights, However some trace it back further to the Roman Stoic Philosophers. The Stoics were concerned with right behavior and were respecters of religion but did not admit to the worship of any particular sect or deity. They postulated that what set man apart from the animals | Read More »

    Obama and inherited debt

    During his Q&A with the republicans in Baltimore Obama referred to debt that he inherited form the previous administration( which included TARP ). This morning I called my senator’s office (Bill Nelson) to find out the dollar amount that had been paid back if the TARP money. By my thinking if Obama can claim that the $700 billion was inherited debt then anything that has | Read More »

    Soldier returned from Iraq to seek CD1-MN Republican nomination.

    Dear Conservative Friends, LT. COL. Jim Engstrand has just returned from serving in Iraq, and would be honored to have your support as he seeks the endorsement for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1st Congressional District.  Many of you will recognize Jim as being a long time conservative activist in S.E. Minnesota.  He has worked to protect our freedoms through his grassroots involvement | Read More »

    Evita Pelosi (on her balcony after the 2010 elections)

    Sung to the tune of “Don’t cry for me Argentina” It won’t be easy You’ll think me strange When I try to explain how I feel That I’ll still spend your cash After all that I’ve done You won’t believe me All you will see I’m a girl on Botox Although I’m dressd up to the nines You will never see me on FOX I | Read More »

    Special Election Next Week

    This Tuesday, on February 2nd, Florida will hold the primary for the 19th congressional district seat vacated by Robert Wexler.  The Democrats include Peter Deutch who is the self appointed successor of Robert, “I don’t even live around here” Wexler.  The other Domocrat is Ben Graber a Democrat thorn in Wexler’s side and anti-war on terror liberal in the mold of Pelosi. The Republican field | Read More »

    Getting Rid of Alan Greyson

    Every time this guy opens his mouth he inserts his very large foot in it.  I just saw a great clip from, of all places, Chris Matthews Hardball.  I first saw it thanks to Dan Perrin’s Jan 22nd post. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/01/22/matthews_to_grayson_reconciliation_will_not_work_with_senate.html What’s important to take from this confrontation between Greyson and Matthews is that Matthews does everything but call Greyson an idiot, which he seems to be.  | Read More »

    Reorganizing Government: Take Out the Trash

    This is prompted by a discussion I had with Vassar and others yesterday.  Some of it will be familiar to those of you who’ve read my stuff over the years.  So, I’m sporting another excerpt from “Red on Blue.”  Have a taste and let me have your comments and criticism. When you take office, somebody who gave or raised money for you is going to | Read More »

    The Court, Speech, and Playing Politics

    The new Supreme Court ruling on political speech has been slammed by President Obama and a wide variety of Democrats and liberals, such as Keith Olbermann. While I cannot claim any level of legal expertise, and am ignorant of the decision’s specifics, there may be a significant silver lining lost in the condemnation. The following argument is a paraphrase of Daniel Indiviglio, from the Atlantic’s | Read More »

    Hughes Money Bomb Illinois Senate today

    The primary is only one week away.  Mark Kirk has a strong lead is is being pushed by the media and the establishment (and the Illinois combine).  Hughes has shown he can raise money, over $500k so far.  No one else besides Kirk has even $50k.  Hughes just released a survey showing his support up to 22%, although Kirk is still 42%.  Everyone else below | Read More »

    The Democrat and Republican Party, Infested with Progressives, Liberals and Socialists Agendas, Not the Peoples Agenda.

    Progressivism history has shown, has taken many different representational forms. Liberalism, socialism and communism over the years went underground and since Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt resurfaced as progressives. Both Clinton’s, McCain, Obama, Graham, Reid, Snow, Pelosi and Lieberman to mention but a few, all embrace and endorse the policies and run for election under the banner of a Progressive, regardless of their party affiliation. | Read More »

    Does this make anyone else nervous?

    I love RSS, for two reasons. One, I’m too busy to really dig down into a lot of stuff and RSS feeds let you at least do a drive by on the high points. Plus, I’m lazy. So while enjoying the steady drumbeat from the continued heartbeat of the Republic we hear coming from the People’s Republic of Taxachussetts,  I do a quick scan down | Read More »

    From Burning Effigies of Bush to the Clarity of “the” Burning Bush

    From Burning Effigies of Bush to the Clarity of “the” Burning Bush by Tim Gungoll For over a year now President Obama and his Democratic super-majorities in Congress have possessed the freedom and the power to pass any law and exercise unrestrained authority over the American people.  They promised “change you can believe in” and the most open and transparent government that ever existed.  They | Read More »

    The Other Election: Chile Jan. 17

    While we are all excited about Scott Brown and his ever increasing chances to doom the donkeyheads on tuesday , Chile votes on sunday. this has turned into a cliffhanger. Conservative candidate Sebastian Piñera leads by a very small porcententage(1.9 to 2.5%) in the polls which is well within the margin of error. The chances of center-left ex president Eduardo Frei were boosted by kowtowing | Read More »

    Cherilyn Eagar for US Senate (UT) – Phyllis Schlafly

    Phyllis Schlafly Comes to Utah Eagar For Senate fundraiser features a visit by the First Lady of Conservatism Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the National Eagle Forum and first lady of the conservative movement, is coming to Salt Lake on Saturday, January 16. She will address the Utah Eagle Forum’s annual convention and be the guest of senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar at a private reception that | Read More »