Conf. Call W/Chairman Steele: Thoughts and Fears

    I was on the RNC conferance call on Monday, where the Chairman spoke for about 35 minutes and took a few questions. This was supposed to be a call to gin up exitment about the new RNC and motivate the grassroots leaders and supporters. I have been thinking about that call in relation to many of the diaries I have been reading here. Parts of | Read More »

    CNN’s Reliable Sources & a 14 year old.

    My fellow bloggers are much more adapt at citing  sources, including pictures, etc. My computer skills are limited & I do not know how to include attachments—or use the spell check. So, I will simply ask if anyone saw the above mentioned program today? I watch it while holding my nose— yet, it is interesting to see the far left ( lady from, spin | Read More »

    A Regifted Politician

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited Barack Obama in the White House.  If that sounds like the opening line of a really funny joke, I have to apologize.  I got nothin’. But via Ace we have: Mr Brown’s gifts included an ornamental desk pen holder made from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slaver HMS Gannet, once named HMS President. Mr Obama was so delighted he | Read More »

    Defense of the Republican Homeland

    The real Homeland: the state and local governments where we still govern.  Right now at the National level we have no airspeed, no altitude, and no ideas.  It’s going to be a while before we fly nationally.  But, we do still govern about half the states and a lot of local governments.  So, how do we defend this homeland? First, a Republican officeholder in a | Read More »

    Nobody Wants America to Fail – Just Bad Ideas About What to Do With America

    I thought I would way in on the big topic of the week which is Rush Limbaugh’s comments about wanting the President to fail.  That is what Rush said, but at the same time it isn’t.  Technically what was said is more along the lines that he feels that what the President wants to do is a bad idea, and he wants him to fail | Read More »

    Dear Diary…..

    Dear Diary, As I write this today you can find me well. Good news!I have received a package from my beloved Michelle Malkin.The postman has returned to me all the letters that I have sent to her for safe keeping here with me no doubt.Our love is a secret and I know she must be careful as she is betrothed to another. She has sent | Read More »

    Bank Of The United States

    Is a Central Bank, governed by “The People” the answer to our country’s financial woes? “If we scrap the current monetary model, the Federal Reserve System, and re-establish the Bank of the United States we can not only get out of debt but we can also generate enormous revenue while not levying any federal taxes.”

    Stimulus Comes to Iowa in the Form of Tree Trimming

    Stimulus money already appears to be working its way down to the local level in Iowa. How do I know this? A friend of mine, a soil conservationist with the USDA, had four days to come up with a plan to spend 1.6 million dollars, and spend it fast. His plan—trimming trees. Yes, the stimulus we are all counting on to lift our economy out | Read More »


    Dear Friends: I have specific details on the San Diego Tea Party. It is slated for 9:00 am, Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 — just north of the Star of India at San Diego’s Harbor. Full information can be found at the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism, as well as some updates on other Tea Parties and directions on how to order some fabulous protest wear!

    Don’t drop your guard, Hillary!

    It is terrific that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making Asia her first official trip abroad.  America is a Pacific nation.  And that’s where the future is.  Clinton’s decision is strategic.  The countries she’s decided to visit (Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and China) and the order she is visiting them are solid judgments.  Now the hard stuffs starts. The first real conversation between President | Read More »

    Want My Input?

    In light of the “Screwyoulos” package I submit the very real possibility of early total and demonstrative failure of Barry Soetoro and his globalist minions, barring extensive lamesteam media/propaganda ministry denials of said aforementioned phenomena.  Consider me your personal consultant on all things detrimental to America for Americans as it relates to globalist interests.   Current heros include Ron Paul and the Grannywarriors but if this | Read More »

    What the Future is Telling Us About the Next Four Years

    As spiritual beings, we all have the ability to peer into the future. We get that sense of future events not by contemplating the secular outcome of current world events, but by envisioning the outcome of world events as they are revealed to us in our spiritual quest. As spiritual beings, God has allowed us entry into the higher plane of “spiritual” reality, a place | Read More »

    God Has a Sense of Humor…But…

    God has a sense of humor.  Heck, he invented humor.  And by God, I don’t mean George Burns.  One of God’s smarter children ever, Aristotle, said, “The gods too are fond of a joke.”  So perhaps He will forgive me for the blasphemous joke in the message-of-the-day on my site today. God has a sense of humor.  But he also took a wonderful, sweet, young | Read More »

    The Truth about TARP that the Banks (and Probably the Government) Don’t Want You to Know

    Tarp funds used for purposes other than that for which they were intended.

    Read More »

    A Democrat Confesses to marching orders by the Party. For any of us who had doubts about what this Stimulus bill  really is about, I hope this lays those doubts to rest. I wasn’t shocked to hear these views held by the Democrat Party heads,but I was pleasantly surprised to hear a Democrat to admit it publicly ,for what it’s worth. This struggle with the Democrats for sanctity of our principles is going to | Read More »