Aetna CEO: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up for a Quick Fix to Obamacare

    The various glitches and bugs (some might say features) that have popped up in the Obamacare rollout have been well enough documented that I shouldn’t have to run through them here. Most people, however, don’t understand the extent of the issues or just how long it could take to fix them. CEO  Mark Bertolini of insurance company Aetna is probably one of the few people | Read More »

    The Health Insurance Industry Is On Fire

    The largest publicly-owned health insurers in America are United Healthgroup, WellPoint, Cigna International, and Aetna. (Blue Cross and Blue Shield are also dominant players in this industry, but it’s harder to get financial data on them.) A couple of important points: Health insurance isn’t the inordinately profitable industry that Obama and his surrogates say it is. By my rough count, the four big public insurers | Read More »