General McChrystal to Obama: More Troops Or I Quit!

    If you are old enough to remember the George W. Bush Administration and the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns, you will recall that a favorite theme of critics of Bush’s war management was that Bush hadn’t listened to Army brass asking for more troops in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. In particular, the Democrats practically made a secular saint of General Eric Shinseki, who supposedly was fired | Read More »

    Anyone surprised that the Left lied about supporting Afghanistan…

    …(as can be found via here) is someone who has forgotten, or never knew, that the phrase “Not In Our Name” originated as a slogan against the liberation of Afghanistan.  in other words: I’ve known for half a decade that the antiwar movement lies when it suits them, so I was hardly surprised when the mask slipped on this one. Contemptuous, but hardly surprised. In | Read More »

    Obama “Not Interested In Saving Face In Afghanistan”

    Barack Obama inherited a ‘war on terror’ (along with an aspiring ‘nuclear’ Iran) that he told us during the campaign was high on his list of priorities and concerns. He assured us he would spend a lot of energy focusing on these things were he elected President. He hasn’t, other than to throw a few thousand more troops into harms way with no real strategy | Read More »

    ‘Never mind.’

    While I agree with Tim Blair that karma is… kind of entertaining, sometimes… I think that the most important thing that should be taken away from this video is the frustration and worry in our soldiers’ voices as they try to line up a shot that doesn’t endanger either a kid, or some guy just walking along. By the way: using kids like this is | Read More »

    Pakistan Ambassador to US Says Af-Pak Wars Winnable

    Pakistan Ambassador Husain Haqqani spoke last week at a public forum at the Denver Art Museum. He discussed the war in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan’s own struggles against Islamic militancy and the need for a Marshall Plan for the region, and asked Americans to be patient as Pakistan works to defeat internal militant forces. Pakistan has stepped up its fight against militant groups this | Read More »

    The Only Winning Strategy Is Afghanistan Is To Leave. Here’s How. [Closed.]

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    Obama’s Forgotten War

    On Wednesday evening, President Barack Obama delivered an address to a joint-session of Congress in the hopes of strengthening public and legislative support for his health care reforms, but shrewd Republican Capitol Hill researchers note that the President’s carefully-crafted speech was missing one important element – namely, the troops. While the president consciously rallied fleeting progressive support and attempted to dispel myths surrounding the legislation, | Read More »

    George Will’s Afghanistan Column: My Take

    Withdraw From Afghanastan My take on George Will’s latest. His column was published in the Washington Post. Summary: This is the big bomb that he dropped a week ago. He sees this developing into another Vietnam. Ingredients include: corrupt government, apathetic people, and feckless allies. Plus the enemy has North Vietnam style sanctuary in Pakistan. Quote: Even though violence exploded across Iraq after, and partly | Read More »

    Afghans deserve a runoff

    Implicit in my support of the mission in Afghanistan–in addition to having more troops and a workable strategy–is that they have a president who doesn’t steal elections. Given the amount of fraud already discovered, Hamid Karzai does not deserve outright victory: Afghans loyal to President Hamid Karzai set up hundreds of fictitious polling sites where no one voted but where hundreds of thousands of ballots | Read More »

    Whither Obama’s war?

    Add George Will to those calling for a new strategy for Obama’s war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In a column entitled “Time to Get Out of Afghanistan,” Will expands upon comments he made on ABC’s “This Week” and argues we should reduce our forces in Afghanistan and “do only what can be done from offshore, using intelligence, drones, cruise missiles, airstrikes and small, potent Special | Read More »

    Will’s faltering will

    George Will started and ended his piece with a personal story of a Marine who experienced emotional trauma. The part that I take issue with (among others) is this: Genius is not required to recognize that in Afghanistan, when means now, before more American valor, such as Allen’s, is squandered. Have Allen’s efforts and valor been squandered? George Will made his conclusion, but to me | Read More »

    Gray-beard Liberal compares Obama to Carter, while Sen. Feingold Predicts No Health Care Bill by Christmas

    The degree of the political problem that President Obama’s “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead,” approach to health care reform has caused the ruling party in Washington, D.C. is beginning to become clear from some comments made by cognoscenti of the Democratic Party. A gray-beard of the liberal establishment, Richard Cohen, wrote today in the Washington Post that the most apt comparison to President Obama | Read More »

    Obama compared to… LBJ?

    Ah, the first “Is [INSERT GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION HERE] [INSERT PRESIDENT’S NAME HERE]’s Vietnam?” article written about a Presidential administration.  Always a magical time. Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietnam? WASHINGTON — President Obama had not even taken office before supporters were etching his likeness onto Mount Rushmore as another Abraham Lincoln or the second coming of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Yet what if they got the wrong | Read More »

    Just a reminder. In some places in the world, simply trying to vote could get you killed.

    The Taliban would make the Black Panthers look like a Girl Scout troop. Threats of Violence Cast Shadow Over Afghan Elections KABUL — Threats of Taliban violence and rumors of fraud cast a shadow over Afghanistan’s election, in which millions of voters will choose a new president Thursday to lead a nation plagued by armed insurgency, drugs, corruption and a feeble government. I hope they’re | Read More »

    Whither the Withering Antiwar Movement?

    It was a dreary November morning in 2006. I still lived in Alexandria, VA back then. While voting for the GOP, I reminded myself of a classic Robert Heinlein novel – Stranger In a Strange Land.

    Standing in line, I was surrounded by angry hordes of liberals. They anticipated a Visigoth holiday at the expense of Speaker Hastert’s dying GOP majority. I heard endless talk of ending the war. The line repeated by many in line was that this was the most important election of their lifetime. The war had to end.

    At another precinct near the one I voted in, a man drove up in a pick-up truck with a coffin in the back. A sign on it read “George W. Bush Killed My Son.” The Democrats swept into power, the wars continue interminably, and the bereaved gentleman’s son still lies dead. It’s the major-league protests that are missing.

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