Just How Broke Are We; Ask Amy

    This post was originally written for Looktruenorth.com, a Minnesota blog, to ask our ‘moderate’ Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar.  But, the facts and ideas presented speak to all Americans with Democratic Senators and Representatives who argue we just need to make the rich pay ‘their fair share.’  This disingenuous argument is faulty from its inception.  Hopefully my little number crunching exercise will show just how deeply | Read More »

    Boni ‘R Us

    Hello.  My name is Alfred G. Iles and I am Chair and CEO of Boni ‘R Us.  If you’re not familiar with the term “Boni,” it’s the plural form of “Bonus.”  We thought it was more accurate and ‘cool’ to use the formal plural word rather than the more cumbersom “Bonuses ‘R Us.” We have a rather unique business strategy.  We process and provide executive and | Read More »