The Liberty/Morality Dependency

    The fundamental question of America, “Is man capable of ruling himself?” is being answered every time we fail to address issues of basic human morality. It’s answered every time we allow a child to be legally slaughtered. And it’s answered in the deafening silence from us as we ignore it. If we want liberty, we must act and live as though we want to be worthy of it, acknowledging the direct correlation between liberty and morality.

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    Who’s To Blame? We are.

    Tragedy strikes and everyone immediately begins falling over themselves trying to explain it, looking to find reason in madness and order in the chaos.  Was he sick?  What type of mental illness did he have?  Was he taking his medication?  Were his parents to blame?  Was he mistreated by his family?  These are all interesting questions and the answers may have played a small part | Read More »