Congresswoman Foxx takes Democrats to task over AIG

    If you only see one video on the internet today, or if you only want to listen to one sound bite on the internet, this is the one you must play. Republicans in Congress today pushed to the floor of the House of Representatives legislation that would stop AIG from using taxpayer money to pay out its executives’ bonuses. The Democrats killed the legislation. Outraged, | Read More »

    It’s Only Wendesday: How Many Sacred Trusts Can be Violated in 1 Week?

    Now I am spitting mad.  The AIG bonuses made me almost mad enough to write, but hearing the Speaker’s proposed solution, a 90% tax on the individuals receiving the bonuses, I’ve just gone totally ballistic.  Sure, AIG should return funds equal to the government.   But over-taxing the individuals who received them is just piling outrage on top of outrage.    This was caused by the | Read More »

    John Boehner on AIG

    The Republicans are in a fighting mood:

    AIG Executive loves Che Guevara? American Thinker: AIG Exec Digs Che Guevara?   The gentleman in the center of the picture is Gerry Pasciucco,head the AIG Financial Products unit, and apparently a fan of Che Guevara. The picture is from a June 6, 2008 party in Belle Haven.  Is his decision to wear that shirt a joke? Is one of the top men of one of the worlds largest | Read More »

    Artificial Outrage

    Talk about the law of unintended consequences. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Barney Frank are outraged over the $165 million in bonuses paid to the executives at AIG.  They and other in Congress are pushing for new legislation that will single-out the AIG execs to get the money back. According to some, that’s a bad idea:

    So why did you vote for the AIG payoffs, Rep Kanjorski (D, IN-11)? [Actually, PA-11]

    [UPDATE] Yeah, let me fix this. [UPDATE the second.] Not much to fix at all, really. Just a state and a readjustment of how much money he took off of PMA. Whew! You’re ever-so-angry about this, to be sure: …but you voted for the debt bill that your fellow-Democrat Senator Dodd loaded down with a loophole permitting these payments. If you’re so concerned, why didn’t | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 18, 2009 Obama remains confident in Geithner —- AIG chief calls bonuses ‘distasteful,’ necessary — EXCLUSIVE: Commerce pick tied to China cash — Democrats to tap tax code to curb AIG — Gas tax hike looks good to GM chief — Obama medical plan for vets spurs outcry — Tough economy sets teeth grinding Dentists report spike in cases — | Read More »

    Why Are Democrats Protecting AIG?

    A friend informs me that all but 8 House Democrats just voted against a measure to require the Obama administration to do everything legally possible to compel AIG to return to the taxpayers the controversial bonuses approved by Secretary Geithner. The bill is described here by its sponsor, Congressman Paulsen: This is the text of the bill: Section 1: The Secretary of the Treasury shall, | Read More »

    AIG’s Problems Started With Liberal Regulation

    This morning President Obama had a photo and Q&A session right before he left the Whitehouse for a flight out to the Left Coast to appear on Jay Leno’s show.  He said something about AIG that was just plain-outright wrong! He said the reason for American International Group Inc.’s failure was the lack of government regulation.  The regulators should have been able to prevent AIG | Read More »

    Can an ObamAIG-gate be Dodd-ged?

    Timeline reveals Presidential and Democratic party undue dilligence, incompetence and/or duplicity worthy of a Gate-like scandal Senator Barack Obama’s campaign contributions from AIG prior to Election Day 2008 may be irrelevant to his subsequent actions and inactions as President and President-Elect. But it would seem a passing strange coincidence that the Illinois Democrat’s $101,332 “bonus” from AIG was second only to the $103,100 received by | Read More »

    AIG Bonus Tax – Does Anybody Else See Problems Here

    It is all over the headlines about various Democrats in Congress strutting about threatening to take back the AIG Bonus money through passing special taxes.  I guess it is no surprise that the media is not raising any red flags on this issue.  I have a few points I want to raise here about why this action frightens me.   First and foremost is the | Read More »

    Some thoughts on AIG

    The big scandal this week that caught the ire of just about everyone on both sides of the aisle (see comments by Grassley, Dodd, and Obama) as well as the American public is the $165 million in bonuses paid to AIG executives.  Given the fact that we taxpayers have ponied up $170 billion to date for this company, it does seem damning.  Given these staggering | Read More »

    The Left Covering For the Obama/Geithner/Dodd/Democrat AIG Scandal

    Dan Riehl: Greenwald tries to shift the blame for those AIG bonuses from Dodd back to Treasury. He’s relying on this FDL post but that’s mostly half-truth, as well. Treasury didn’t simply “demand” Dodd loosen any restrictions so these bonuses could be paid. He informed Dodd his legislation was flawed and would only lead to more trouble, including expensive law suits. AIG is a Democratic | Read More »

    Obama’s stimulus bill protects the AIG bonuses

    What outrageous crocodile tears. President Obama feigns choked up anger and Democrat Congress critters bloviate and threaten confiscatory taxes. It is all an act — an attempt to cover one’s posterior. The Associated Press reports the Obama administration and members of Congress have known for months that American International Group was getting ready to pay huge bonuses while surviving on taxpayer bailouts: It wasn’t until | Read More »

    Dodd’s Most Recent Kick To The Groin: AIG

    Just when you find yourself wondering if things could get any worse for Chris Dodd, insurance giant AIG, which he recently helped bail out, gives away $160 million of taxpayer money in bonuses to their executives. He must be sitting on his couch right now, rubbing his temples, and just wondering when it is going to let up. In the New York Times we find | Read More »