Dr. Chad Mathis for Congress

    a href=”http://yellowhammernews.com/nationalpolitics/shocker-mathis-raised-350k-first-al-06-fundraising-period/”>Dr. Chad Mathis had a good haul in campaign cash last quarter. For those of you who have not heard of him, Dr. Mathis is running in Alabama’s 6th Congressional District.He’s a solid conservative, a doctor, and would be a terrific addition to the United States House of Representatives.Dr. Mathis has gotten early support from the Madison Project and FreedomWorks. I’m glad to put | Read More »

    RS Interview: Dr. Chad Mathis (R CAND, AL-06 PRI).

    Talked with Dr. Mathis yesterday: he’s one of the guy’s running for Alabama’s opening seat in the Sixth District.  It is, for those wondering, a wondrously Republican district; so the June primary is very much a relevant one.  As you can see from the “Doctor,” Chad is a surgeon in real life; and as you might imagine, he has views on Obamacare.  Here’s the interview: | Read More »