Hitting the HIVE dead on…

    – Cross posted from Michigan Taxes too Much – Everyone had their favorites, many like myself felt Mitt would be a solid choice for McCain’s pick, but the more I follow the reports and commentary from both the right and left side of the room, the more I can truly appreciate the choice made. The RIGHT side is happy, ..no ECSTATIC about the pick of | Read More »

    Alaska – Palin 101

    OK, I’ve written most of this stuff before in various posts but I’ll sumarize since there’ll be new interest today. Alaska is NOT a conservative state in the sense that say some Southern states are. Socially it is very libertarian. There’s a strong religious element here, but there are far more bars than churches. Marajuana is de facto legal in small quantities and de jure | Read More »

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    The Republican I’ll Root against This Fall

    That does it! Never mind that Hillary Rodham Clinton was the least Marxian of the major Democratic candidates in the primaries. Never mind that their nominee has quite literally voted in favor of retroactive abortions. I’ve now found a major GOP candidate for office that I would take great pleasure in being able to vote against.

    Stevens Wins. What About Don Young?

    Ted Stevens won the Alaska primary with over 60% of the vote. Interestingly though, Don Young and Sean Parnell both got 45% of the vote. In actual votes, Don Young received 42,461 votes and Sean Parnell received 42,316 votes. I’m not sure if Alaska has runoffs. My understanding of the news reports this morning is that Alaska does not. Likewise, there are still votes being | Read More »

    Biden and Oil – He’s agin’ it.

    Hardly a man is still alive who remembers the embattled Republicans and a few Democrats trying to bring oil to America in the face of the Arab Oil Embargo. The TransAlaska Pipeline was authorized in ’73 by one vote; that of VP Spiro Agnew. There are only a handful of Senators still serving who voted, Biden is one of them. Sen. Biden was a newly | Read More »

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    I told you guys Georgia was not in play.

    The Obama team realizes it too. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned. Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida and Virginia are considered key battlegrounds this year. Obama’s decision to stop advertising in those | Read More »

    Carpetbaggers and Primaries

    OK, even though I haven’t lived in The South for almost forty years, I’m still a sucker for Gone With The Wind and Aunt Pittipat, so I couldn’t resist it. Carpetbagger is a name for a class of people that comes from the Reconstruction Era South. Cheap luggage in those days was made of the same material as carpets; the good stuff was leather. After | Read More »

    Palin’s Trooper Travails

    I wrote about Governor Palin’s troubles a couple of weeks ago. Short story is she fired the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, something she has every right to do just ’cause she wants to, saying she wanted a “new direction” for the department. That’s about as standard a reason for saying you fired someone as “I need to spend more time with my | Read More »

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    What I Learned In The Arctic Circle

    I really thought I would come back from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with some pretty good pictures of, well, wildlife. To hear the environmentalists talk about it, ANWR is a pristine landscape filled with mountains, trees, and creatures huddled together for safety on their tiny tiny refuge. Imagine how stunned I was to discover, upon landing, that I was in a very different place. | Read More »

    The Beauty of Sarah Palin

    I’m not talking about the mere physical attractiveness of Alaska’s governor, though she has been blessed with an abundance of that gift. Palin was a competitor in the 1984 Miss Alaska beauty pageant after being named Miss Wasilla earlier that year, where she also won Miss Congeniality honors. No, what I’m dicussing here is beauty in the political sense – as in the beauty of | Read More »

    RedState Candidates Are Kicking Butt, But They Need Our Help

    We can help out Olson, Barlatta, and Parnell. We need to help them out. The Texas Chamber of Commerce will endorse Pete Olson against Nick Lampson. Give and we can win. Barletta is cleaning Paul Kanjorski’s clock up in Pennsylvania. He just started put ads up on the air and could use some cash to keep it up. This has become a pick up opportunity | Read More »

    The Polar Bears Aren’t Drowning – Yet

    Reports of the demise of the Arctic icepack apparently have been greatly exaggerated. A three ship Canadian exploration fleet got stuck in the ice off Pt. Barrow, Alaska yesterday. The Anchorage Daily News story is here: http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/story/485134.html Unlike we silly Americans, our socialist neighbors to the north, my east, actually explore, drill, and even mine natural resouces – they even cut trees! When you fly | Read More »

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    Ted Stevens Must Resign

    Ted Stevens (R-AK) has been indicted by a federal grand jury on 7 counts. While people are innocent until proven guilty, we know enough facts to suggest Mr. Stevens is going to be looking for a deal. And the voters of Alaska, committed to reform, are going to throw him out of office. This is one seat that should stay in Republican hands. It will | Read More »

    AK-AL: ATR: Don Young like a “rat head in a Coke bottle”

    A bad day for Don Young is a good day for America. Thank you to Grover Norquist for helping to deliver a bad day to Young by declaring him a Tax Pledge Violator Don Young (R-Alaska) violated the solemn oath he took to his constituents by voting for H.R. 2642, the Blue Dog Tax Hike. […] “Republicans that vote for tax increases are like rat | Read More »

    Is Don Young’s Campaign Nearly Bankrupt?

    I posted earlier that Don Young’s campaign made a huge mistake in airing an ad crediting Young with winning a taxpayer’s award he did not win. In fact, Taxpayers for Common Sense had given Young it’s Golden Fleece Award for ripping off taxpayers, not a “Hero the Taxpayers” award. Here is where Young gets into trouble. He is struggle for money right now. Sean Parnell, | Read More »