Nostalgia for Bill Clinton: if dog, rabbit

    Bill Clinton stays pretty busy these days, raking in a half-million or more for an hour spent speaking to rapt audiences. He’s got to charge that much because the Clintons are always on the verge of being broke. Yesterday, I got to hear him speak, along with about 3,500 others who paid $50* for a small chicken breast on lettuce, coffee and cheesecake, followed by Slick Willie’s tossed-fact-salad.

    Bill looked good, for a 67-going-on-68 year old. He’s lost some weight, apparently by giving it to Al Gore. “The best part of being an ex-president is I can say anything I want. Well, except when my wife might be running for that job.” I’m paraphrasing. Clinton then went on to tell us how it’s a good thing to “airbrush history” about his time in office, and proceeded to airbrush current events and facts.

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