Barack Makes A Funny – Four Americans Remain Quite Dead

    A lot of people are angry about a lot of things concerning Barack Obama’s ongoing SCOAMF*-Fiesta in the nation of Libya. I addressed what it reinforced to me about his administration in a recent diary. Barack Obama exists at altitude and distance from the results of any decisions that he makes. He takes responsibility for his leadership decisions as President about as much as I take responsibility for playing the wrong guy on my fantasy football team.

    He demonstrated his utter lack of concern about what happened by sending out Susan Rice and Stephanie Cutter to tell 1,001 Arabian Lies about what transpired on that fatal anniversary of 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya. When lying and blame shifting didn’t work, he ignored the first rule of holes** and continued his descent. He wants us to believe the whole thing is just a bump in the road – so inconsequential that he can poke a little fun at himself over at Comedy Central.

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    Altitude And Distance Vs. Street-Level Reality On Libya

    Two women from two different perspectives have divergent points of view on why the attack of the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya has remained news. One woman, Obama’s Mouth of Sauron, Stephanie Cutter, approaches the issue from altitude and distance. Another woman, the mother of the now departed Sean Smith, wants to know how her son died, and why the US Government doesn’t give her answers. The contrast is telling. It tells us just how far away the Obama Administration is from the actual concerns of the Little Guy they so piously claim to serve and defend.

    Jeff Emanuel gave Red State readers a good description of Stephanie Cutter’s spin. The spin shows an obdurate lack of basic human empathy for the dead. It shows just how utterly self-preservationist the administration has been concerning the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi Libya. Cutter is shown below claiming the issue only has traction because Mitt Romney is exploiting it.

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