How you will know when #obamacare is doomed.

    Semantically speaking, this interview with AMA President Dr. Arvis Hovenon  the AMA’s future relationship with Obamacare is pretty much a null value exercise – here’s a sample, so that you understand what I mean: Sarah Kliff: To follow up on the point of providing information to your patients, has the White House approached the AMA or approached you about any sort of partnership between doctors | Read More »

    Abortion’s History Winds Up With Planned Parenthood

       Abortion as a whole was looked down upon, up until the passage of Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Any abortion, up until “quickening” was highly discouraged. In the 1800’s, “quick” originally meant “alive”. Throughout history, quickening was considered to be the beginning of “life” by the unborn. After 236 years of independence, Texas Alliance for Life interestingly showed in 1776 at the adoption of | Read More »

    Medicare cuts start in December 2010

    I received a call from the AMA asking me to take action by calling my congressman to demand something be done to prevent cutting care to Medicare patients after November 31, 2010 . My personal view is that everyone should take care of themselves, save widows and orphans, but I decided to look into the matter. After all, the Demoncrats have most seniors conned into | Read More »


    OPEN LETTER TO THE NRA   I am a member of the NRA.  I have read carefully your explanation, and understand fully, how the NRA got a carve-out, along with Big-Unions and other leftist groups, from the unconstitutional DISCLOSE Act.  This Act is just another attempt by liberals to silence the right, even though we have the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in “Citizens United” | Read More »

    Congressional Democrats to AMA: Go Pound Sand

    Here’s a completely unsurprising and predictable story. Do you remember how many conservatives spent months trying to figure out why the leadership of the American Medical Association signed the nation’s doctors up in support of Obamacare? Many conservatives argued that the AMA was being shortsighted – that Congressional Democrats would ultimately betray the AMA, despite the powerful group’s consistent advocacy of the president’s health care | Read More »

    Time for Payback on Obamacare

    Lest we forget, a lot of innocent people were left out in the cold when their purported elected leaders in the private sector sold them out in favor of personal gain (I assume) and their support of Obamacare. I’m thinking of the unions, of course, but when in recent memory has their leadership not sold them out? But how about AARP? The AMA? Big Pharma? | Read More »

    Eagar Calls for American Medical Association Boycott

    Eagar Calls for American Medical Association Boycott Operation 2010 Aims to Take Back Medicine SALT LAKE CITY, UT. January 7, 2010. Cherilyn Eagar, candidate for U.S. Senate (R-UT) and daughter of the late Samuel Kenneth Bacon, M.D., an internationally-respected surgeon from Hollywood, California, announced today a six-step campaign she is calling “Operation 2010:  Take Back Medicine.” Eagar says, “This Federally-mandated health care proposal is not | Read More »

    Take Back Medicine (Originally posted 24 Dec. 2009 at the above blog) Today America was given the worst Christmas present ever: universal health care. We will do all we can to prevent this legislation from being implemented. I’ve made it no secret that my father was a doctor who vehemently opposed Medicare when it first passed in 1965. He said, “Today is the first day of the | Read More »

    AMA-AARP No Bargain For America – Fifty Thousand Storm Pols Offices.

    The American Medical Association supports only its own political agenda and not its member doctors, according to some physicians. Many will not even join this once prestigious organization, citing concerns that it no longer reflects their opinions or their concerns for their patients. The AMA came out in favor of the 1.8 TRILLION dollar health care debacle. Putting the LIE to that is the report | Read More »

    IBD survey of 1,376 Physicians, plus Baucus bombshell

    Will America ever get the real facts? How representative is the AMA of physicians as a whole? IBD article reported that AMA only represents 18% of physicians. A shockingly low number if you ask me. IBD did a recent survey and the revelations are quite shocking: Two-thirds, or 65%, of doctors say they oppose the proposed government expansion plan. This contradicts the administration’s claims that | Read More »

    Studies Show Doctors will not participate in Government run health insurance

    Obama has said over and over that the AMA supports his health care reform proposal and if you like your doctors, you can keep them.   But, he failed to mention that most doctors don’t belong to the AMA.   So, what do the majority of doctors think about Obama’s government run healthcare proposal?   And, would there be enough doctors to handle the increased patient load in particular for the | Read More »

    Doctors to Throw Pharmaceutical Reps Out of Their Offices

    Interesting.I’m hearing from more and more doctors and from pharmaceutical sales representatives that the sales reps are rapidly becoming persona non grata in the doctors’ offices.Here’s the thing — PhrMA and the American Medical Association both have thrown doctors under the bus. Doctors are supposed to be represented by the AMA, a majority of doctors oppose Obamacare, but the AMA has decided to support Obamacare.PhrMA, | Read More »

    AMA Splinters Over Failure to Oppose Obamacare

    Democrats are touting the fact that the AMA has signed on to their health care reform effort. But is the AMA really representing the views of its members, or are they playing a Washington game: currying favor with the Democrat majority, in the hopes that when negotiators decide who’ll pay for national health care, they’re not left holding the bill? Here’s one suggestion that the | Read More »

    AMA and Tort Reform

    Malpractice reform at the federal level is incomprehensible.  Since medical malpractice is mostly state common law, how would that work? It would mean that the federal legislature would have to have the ability to abrogate the common law of all the states.  To do so, they would have to have a federal law.  And, if there is a federal law, all malpractice cases would be | Read More »

    AMA: Ethically Challenged

    According to Adam Wilson, writing for The Olympian, Dr. Marc Stern, the top physician in the Washington State Department of Corrections, has resigned because of ethical concerns surrounding the use of Department employees to prepare prisoners for execution. Dr. Stern’s decision to resign was reached in part due to the positions of the American Medical Association and the Society of Correctional Physicians, both of which | Read More »