Hair on Fire by Barbara Tune in Oct. 14th 7PM Arizona Time.. RADIO BEYOND THE EDGE.. America Thinks It.. Barbara Says it..This weeks program is Frederick Douglass Republicans,Black Leaders of America. Co-Host Vernon Parker former Mayor of Paradise Valley, AZ. Guests; Lloyd Marcus,His childhood began in a Baltimore ghetto.He grew up in the 1960s. He is an artist,singer,production designer and musical producer,all professions frequently inhabited by leftists.Marcus is outgoing | Read More »

    Anchor Babies..Ilegal at Birth..

    There are close to 400,000 illegal anchor babies born in America each year. It cost the American taxpayer between $4,000.00 and $8,000.00 per baby born illegally in the USA. Citizenship is automatic upon birth and gives that child when it becomes of age the right to bring other family members to the USA. In the meantime Back at the ranch the parent stays in America | Read More »

    “Battle for America”

    Press Release and Review by Barbara Espinosa “Battle for America”  reveals an America at a crossroads of tyranny and liberty. It’s a bone chilling indictment of a radical Administration determined to change the face of America by transforming it into a European-style Socialist Democracy.  Using an inescapable analogy, author and director Stephen Bannon makes comparisons with America’s current political decline and the fall of the Roman | Read More »

    “The Factor…No Spin”

    Bill O’Reilly the self appointed watchdog of contributions made by the public to pleas of help for whatever group is being touted at the moment. Last night took on the cause of the Haitians. I agree the money that has been flim- flamed out of the public with pleas to help the children {which they always use} should go to the cause it was intended. | Read More »