A Pastoral Letter on Hope…for the American Species

    I hope the title isn’t too presumptuous. I’m only a lowly friar. Walk me through this as I’m not one much for “Hope” as currently defined. Obama and his generation of leftists have managed to convert Hope from a supplication of the heart to a free Maytag from his stash… just as an earlier generation of leftists turned “Love” into just one of the many | Read More »

    McCain’s Response to Infomercial

    Good morning, Last night, in Senator Obama’s infomercial, he made mention in his prepared remarks that “much of what’s wrong with America goes back much further than” the last eight years. To the American people, I say this is a very telling statement and is where these two campaigns radically differ. Senator Obama’s campaign seems more and more to be a campaign always looking backward | Read More »