Apparently, President Obama Is Flexible

    President Obama is going to kick his own ass. That should be on pay per view. Even Rolling Stone knows whose ass needs to be kicked. First, the President votes “present”, stating that he doesn’t have the authority to control the cleanup. Then, “The buck,” he reiterated the next day on the sullied Louisiana coastline, “stops with me.” By this, I’m sure, he meant that | Read More »

    Serial Flip flopper Roaming Around America

    Rick Moran of American Thinker, reported that the serial flip flopper has flipped again and this time, it’s his “Undivided Jerusalem Policy”that went under the bus. To quote the serial FF: “You know, the truth is that this was an example where we had some poor phrasing in the speech, and we immediately tried to correct the interpretation that was given,” Obama said during an | Read More »