Hope, Change! Darkness falls …

    There lie they, and here lie we, under the spreading Barackracy. Ahh, Starbucks. Where would I have been without you? Actually, that’s an easy answer … I’d have been wandering the streets of DC, cold and irritated. Like thousands of people actually were on the evening of inauguration day. It was a cold bright day in January, and the clocks were striking three. In among | Read More »

    Hope, Change! Part II: The Night Before

    I’m writing about the night before the ceremony as “Part II” because I didn’t really think much about it until later reflection. On Monday, I was, like so many others, unable to get inside the beltway. The lines were long and, unlike the day itself, they moved very slowly. News reports said it was even worse trying to get back out of DC, something I | Read More »

    Hope, Change! An Inauguration Tale

    Tuesday morning. The weather was frigid, the sky dark, as I drove my sub-sub-sub-compact rental into Vienna, Virginia, there to catch the Metro into Washington, DC, for the inauguration of Barack Obama. I hate those little cars. I’m tall and not exactly thin, so the combination of compressed spine and the lubricant necessary to squeeze in make an unpleasant experience. But hey, I saved like | Read More »