Post Mortem #1: That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

      As a recent post by Eric Erickson notes, there will undoubtedly be speculation about the great Republican civil war between the GOP establishment and the TEA Party activists for control of the party.  In reality, this is nothing more than a distraction device perpetrated by the spin-meisters in the Democratic Party and their affiliates in the mainstream media and on those obnoxious liberal web | Read More »

    The Nevada Senate race by the numbers

    There are some interesting numbers in the Nevada exit polls.  Democrats were able to keep a turnout advantage of 35% compared to 33% Republican and 32% independent.  However the GOP did make some gains over 2008 when the turnout was 38% D, 30% R, and 32% I.  Republicans increased 3% at the cost of the Democrats while independents remained steady.  The difference for the Dems | Read More »

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    First Palin, then Angle, Now O’Donnell

      If you are a conservative woman who has the audacity to seek public office, be warned. You will be held to a higher standard than your male counterparts. You will be ridiculed by both Republicans and Democrats.You will be scrutinized by the media to an extent usually reserved for celebrities who are being stalked by paparazzi.Case in point:the journalist who actually moved to Alaska | Read More »

    The Tea Party (AKA: America’s Peaceful Reset Button)

    “How can you make a revolution without executions?” (HT: Vladimir Lenin) Have you ever felt frustrated and believed that the system just no longer worked? It’s not something that will just get fixed with a tune-up or an oil change. The time has come to tow the darned thing to the junk yard and start over anew. The faith that we can just bring in | Read More »

    Sharron Angle’s campaign

    The Angle campaign hasn’t mentioned the word ObamaCare yet. They haven’t mentioned the stimulus. They haven’t mentioned the AZ law. And they haven’t tied Reid directly to Obama so far (see Blount’s ad about Carnahan). I’m getting a little worried. I sent them an email with my suggestions, and never got a response. Then, I called the campaign headquarters, and got a recorded message stating | Read More »

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    Danny Tarkanian is the Only Candidate who Can Beat Harry Reid.

    For those who have been watching the Nevada Republican Primary take place, one thing has become abundantly clear. Danny Tarkanian is the right candidate for Nevada republicans and conservatives, and he is the only Republican who can beat Harry Reid in November. Sue Lowden and Sharron Angle have spent the last couple weeks butchering one another on air and it has become clear that both | Read More »