Casual Day at Work. It Must Die! (A Non-Political Blog)

    So I stroll in to work on Good ‘Ol Casual Friday. It’s the day in which we are all cool, but I’m totally un-hip and not with it; white in the most alabaster sort of a way. (Except for the neck; that has regretfully taken too many direct photon-torpedo hits from the hot Alabama sun.) Casual Day is the day when everyone comes into the | Read More »


    Funkytown; Life Under the Obamas

    Two recent discussion with friends have brought home the serious depression this administration has spurred within the left wing.  A year and a half ago, these friends were deliriously happy and hopeful.  Their lives were going to change for the better.  Gone were the evil Republicans and in place were the Party People.  The nasty capitalists were done for and the bright sunshine of socialism | Read More »

    Comprehending the Young Left

    I’m not saying empathize, but in order to comprehend them you need to try just for a moment or two to grok this song. Since Drudge is running the story about Morrissey being whapped on the head with a plastic bottle containing a liquid resembling beer, I know he knows Morrissey. He probably also knows Morrissey because of his background in suburban Washington, DC — | Read More »

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