Don’t Drink the Skool-Aid

    “Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals.”-White House suggestion for post-speech activity for students. Keep ‘em home.That should be the motto of every conservative with children in public school on the 8th of this month. That’s the day | Read More »

    Obama and Ayers: The Public Relationship

    This is the second in a series of posts which discuss the relationship between Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and our national economy.To read the first entry, click here. In this entry it will be demonstrated that the two men had an extensive public relationship. Also in this entry, I will argue that the professional relationship between Obama and Ayers could not have been impersonal; the | Read More »

    Annenberg Challenge and Obamas Campaign

    Headed by Bill Ayers to receive the money with power given to Barack Obama to dole out the cash. 49.2 million dollar grant with many matches from other entities. A staggering amount of money. Total failure. Here are a few of the findings from Annenberg Challenge Evaluation Reports… “The failure of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to achieve an overall effect on school development may be | Read More »

    ARRRRGH! Stop this Madness, your Preachin to the Choir!!!

    I am so tired of hearing all this crap about Ayers, Annenberg money, ACORN, association with known terrorist, and all the other Obama character flaws only here on conservative web sites and blogs. People we are missing the point! Conservative, Republicans, people with common sense, and everyone else in this country that has not been spoon-fed Kool-aid and Obama propaganda already knows the truth about | Read More »

    See, Obama DOES have executive experience!

    In several debates with liberals, I have challenged them to produce any evidence of Barack Obama having run anything but his mouth. I maintained that he had no executive experience. The liberals countered by insisting that Obama had executive experience by virtue of having run his campaign for president. I responded that surely they couldn’t be serious. Obama doesn’t run his presidential campaign. His campaign | Read More »