Today is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Guess who’s not going?

    Go ahead. Guess. On Tuesday, just 65 miles from the White House, thousands will gather at the battlefield where 150 years ago the sacrifice and bloodshed and deaths of warring Americans were immortalized by the words of President Abraham Lincoln. Fifty-one thousand casualties were counted when the fighting ceased in 1863, including 8,000 deaths, a toll that Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, pledged the nation | Read More »

    Unhappy Anniversary, ObamaCare

    Guys are usually notorious when it comes to forgetting anniversaries.  Then, when they finally remember, whatever it is they do sometimes ends up not being good enough to cover their forgetfulness.  But what happens when it’s something you really don’t want to celebrate in the first place?  Well, in a case like this, you can get away with being late.  (But don’t be late on | Read More »

    Belated Thoughts on my Third RS Anniversary

    The calendar is pointing to another anniversary on this flagship conservative site. So it’s time for an anniversary retrospective. I began posting on RS in Nov 2005 as I had become absolutely fed up with the liberal propaganda and disinformation machine that was engulfing the net. It was a relief to find an outlet where I could connect with kindred spirits, and work with them | Read More »

    Happy Red State Birthday to Me

    Well, I never expected to have this happen. I turned three years old here at Red State. I noticed there is another blog posting where Gordon Taylor has turned three as well. Happy Birthday to you too. I started blogging on Google’s Blog Spot and Wubbies World was born. I also started to blog at Town Hall as well. Then I stumbled upon Red State | Read More »