The Anti-Christ?

    Am I the only one who gets a little creeped-out over this stuff?   I read yesterday about the vendors outside the DNC hawking souvenirs which have Barack Obama depicted in Holy and Divine ways. Ewwww. If ever there was a President less holy than Barack Obama it would have to be Bill Clinton. Oh. Yeah. He’s on deck this week too. Double ewwww.   | Read More »

    NC-17 Anyone?

    Let’s ignore for a minute the name of this particular movie lest some of you think I’m after it only for its name or religious connotations.If I told you a movie is coming out that depicts, on screen, genital mutilation preceding sexual acts with the mutilated genitals, violent pornographic images, etc. even given modern tolerant film standards, wouldn’t you think such a film would get | Read More »

    Obama Says McCain Camp Paints Obama As The Anti-Christ

    Immediately after Obama’s appearance with the reverend Rick Warren, the Democrats’ presumptuous nominee was interviewed by CBN News Senior National Correspondent, David Brody. Among other things Brody asked Obama whether the McCain campaign is purposely using imaginary to scare people about him being the anti-Christ. Obama answered yes. You can watch and read a partial transcript of the interview here. I’m sick and tired of | Read More »

    Our new design

    In light of the Amy Sullivan article in Time magazine about the Obama as Anti-Christ meme, we thought we’d update our RedState Store with a new design. Those of you who get it, get it. Those who don’t should read the Left Behind series. And no, we don’t take this seriously, but we sure will have some fun with it. Buy it here.