Why I can’t send my kids to public school

    I can’t send my kids to public school because there they will learn that Christians belong in the closet, that standing up for yourself is intolerant and hateful, that everybody must affirm and celebrate everybody else regardless of what they believe (except Christians), that cultural rules and “norms” are just old fashioned roles to be broken, but the rules of the school are inviolate without exception. That’s not learning, it’s indoctrination.

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    Tolerance for anything (except Christians)

    If feeding the poor, helping orphans, healing the sick, and showing love to prisoners, the helpless, and the most vulnerable among us is evil, then I must object to your definition of the word. You can’t throw away the baby with the bathwater. If Christianity is evil, then all of it must be. You can’t pick and choose those things you like about it and discard the bits you don’t.

    Christianity and the Bible are a package deal. Not every Christian is polite, and none of us is perfect. We are all sinners in need of a savior: in fact that’s the defining belief of Christianity. If you don’t see the evidence of forgiveness, gentleness and grace in a Christian’s life, they are probably not a Christian.

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