President-elect Obama gets welcomed on to the world stage

      For the first time ever, President-elect Obama has received negative reviews and it is pretty safe to assume this is one major muslim capital crossed off the list for Obama’s planned speech. Iranian protesters showed their outrage at Israel and the U.S. and burnt large posters of Obama in Tehran yesterday. It is a national past time in most muslim countries to burn pictures or | Read More »

    Have we become forgetful?

    The upcoming US Presidential Election has caused me to wonder, at what point did this nation take tolerance to the level of indifference? Things that would have incensed us before are now forgotten in the space of a day. If the American public digested the matter, they should be outraged. So why is Barak Obama ahead in the polls? Are we forgiving, indifferent or simply | Read More »

    Obama lacking more than expierience

    Barack Obama has been in the senate for 4 years years. I personally think that is way too short to be the leader of our nation. John Mccain with 35 years in the senate seems to definetely be the right choice. Expierience, Knowledge and being in Washington for so long should show everyone he is ready to lead our country. Other than Obama lacking expierience | Read More »

    What Obama will do wrong

    Want to know what Obama will do if he gets elected? Double capital gains taxesIncrease FICA taxes by 14 points!Double tax on dividendsExpand the inheritance taxWeaken the patriot act! LEAVING US VONERABLE TO TERRORISM! Weaken education standards!Expand health care so much that it forces us to ration medical care.extend health insurance benifits to illegal immigrants. Nobody wants that!vote John Mccain