There must be consequences

    Knew this would happen eventually, somehow I hoped not… Back in February, a little over a month in office, Obama lifted the restrictions on the press using dead soldier’s pictures; I was pissed. Then, as now, I apologize for any bad language that may escape me. Michelle Malkin today posted this (via Blackfive), and now I am beyond words. And the predictable Huffington Post, ever | Read More »

    Tax revenues hit below the waterline this year.

    (Via Gateway Pundit) Get used to this graphic, because you’re going to be seeing it a lot: These numbers, of course, reflect percentage changes in tax revenues, not the amount collected. For that highly depressing number we’ll go to Heritage: …which by the way indicates that the gap between tax revenues and federal spending suddenly started to accelerate somewhere around 2007. Which is about the | Read More »


    No surprise: Anti-Palin AP snubs Alaska’s Governor

    In a story headlined “Alaskans concerned about North Korea’s missiles” the Associated Press continues in its Anti-Palin tradition. Mary Pemberton, who wrote the story, quoted several of Alaska’s citizens as well as “the state’s political leaders.” Among the latter, Pemberton included statements from Rep. Don Young and Sen. Mark Begich. Conspicuously absent from the article was any mention of Gov. Sarah Palin, who has been | Read More »

    AP:’Mad as Hell’ About Bloggers, Google, Aggregators

    The Chairman of the Associated Press had some sharp words for those darned ol’ Internet interlopers out there. He said he’s “mad as hell” over those who “walk off with our work.” Though Chairman Dean Singleton didn’t exactly specify who he was talking about, according to Politico, the wire agency has been targeting Google, Bloggers and news aggregator sites such as Huffington Post of late. | Read More »

    AP: Obama tax pledge up in smoke

    I’m savoring the sweet irony here, because the AP was so tucked away in Obama’s hip pocket during the campaign, dissing Sarah Palin and all. Now their reporter Calvin Woodward files this story:

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    AP: Questioning President’s Birth Eligibility is Racist

    Well… you knew it had to happen sooner or later.  You were just waiting for it. The maven of the mainstream media, the Associated Press, has taken the position that Americans dare not ask about the authenticity of Obama’s alleged birth records. Because to do so is, according to AP writer Liz Sidoti, a form of racism. Yeah, you read that right, the AP have | Read More »

    More about that “Caterpillar CEO” who allegedly (and conveniently) promised BHO he would rehire “some” workers if “stimulus” passes

    He’s a member of the President’s economic advisory team (h/t mjm1 in the comments of my earlier post on the subject). According to the Peoria Journal-Star: Caterpillar Inc. Chairman Jim Owens…on Friday was named to a team of economic advisers who will advise President Barack Obama on ways to boost the economy and help the country out of the recession. Owens was one of 16 | Read More »

    Would $850,000,000.00 per job rescued make the “stimulus” worth it?

    Given his penchant for “misremembering” conversations (and for apparently misreading people entirely despite years of close contact — see Exhibit A, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for an example), we can’t be sure that President Obama is even accurately recounting what Caterpillar CEO James Owens said to him in their conversation. However, here’s what he seems to think went on: President Barack Obama says Caterpillar’s chief executive | Read More »

    Rooting for Injuries Watch: The AP vs. that annoying trace artist guy.

    You know: Shepard Fairey, who took time out from cosplaying a graphic artist for Minitruth and plagiarizing everything that moved to trace out the iconic image of our new President. Oh, well, it’s America, so it’s not like we really know what to do with irony, anyway. Might as well just shoot in the head and leave it dead in a ditch somewhere; seems more | Read More »

    AP speaks super-secret code words: “divisive stands”

    As fellow contributor Warner Todd Huston has demonstrated several times, the Associated Press is hardly the textbook example of an unbiased media source. Today the AP again showed their Obama-slanted bias with an article titled “Obama breaks from Bush, avoids divisive stands”. But unsurprisingly, in the AP’s alternate universe, “divisive stands” is defined as “conservative positions”. The AP piece begins: Barack Obama opened his presidency | Read More »

    Foghorn Leghorns: DeVining and parking the Drive-By Media

    Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report and Law and Civil Rights Examiner for Examiner.comThe Foghorn from the Associated Press uncorrected by The Charlotte Observer:MUMBAI, India Security forces assaulted a Jewish center in Mumbai where Muslim militants were believed holed up with possible hostages today, with black-clad commandos dropping from a Indian helicopter as sharpshooters opened fire on the | Read More »

    Oh yeah, about those tax breaks…

    God bless the tireless journalists at the AP. Taking a break from their endless, but vital, Palin-bashing, they’ve now discovered that those tax breaks we’ve heard so much about really aren’t that big of a deal to about 84% of the population. You can read about it here: favorite part of the article is the quote from this guy:”I don’t think it’s going to work | Read More »

    Associated with see no evil monkeys AP gives Obama “symbolic” NC win

    Originally published by Mike “gamecock” DeVine as Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner for Examiner.comWhat is the big hurry in “declaring” the winner of North Carolina’s electoral votes in the presidential election? Especially since the outcome will not slow down the transition of President-Elect Barack Obama?The day after the election, AP reported:“In the unofficial returns, Obama led Republican John McCain by 13,746 votes. Gary Bartlett, | Read More »

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    AP sets the stage for TheOne’s win and who to blame

    All kinds of blame and fear to go around in this story:AP story: blacks imagine Obama win “He has to win,” Durr said. “If he doesn’t, I think you’ll see this country — I’m afraid to say what I think would happen the next day. I don’t even want to think that way.”And if TheOne can’t cut the mustard in office then they’ll say it’s | Read More »

    AP out Trolling for Bigots

    I just received my first call from a polster. It was for an AP poll in the Commonwealth of Virginia.They asked all of the expected questions as to my demographic background, ideological affiliations, income, right direction/wrong direction etc. But what was very strange to me were the number of ethnic/racial type questions.They asked me if I considered ‘Blacks’ (note – not the PC African-American) in | Read More »