The tragedy of apathy


    That was the question in my mind when I saw the Georgia Senate results last night. I had convinced myself that David Perdue was going to lose, and lose decisively to Jack Kingston. The power of the mind to color reality is pretty obvious right now in my case.

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    Apathy Kills

    There have been plenty of movies out of Hollywood with the Civil War as the dominant theme, and I’ve enjoyed many of them. One that I’ve always had a fondness for is Shenandoah, starring Jimmy Stewart who plays Charlie Anderson. It’s the story of a man, Charlie, who in the midst of the Civil War chooses to ignore the battle waging around him. He convinces | Read More »

    Of The Elites, By The Elites And For The Elites

    As the sole administrator of a conservative web site, I read far more than the average tea party member and ingest a steady intake of the many seemingly insurmountable problems that we face as a nation and a people. Ask around in tea party circles and it will not take very long to find those who refer to me as a naysayer, one who tends | Read More »

    The Birth of the [wow, runs afoul of Erick]

    This is Erick. Let me just be clear that I don’t know whether the author of this diary is a troll, moby, well intentioned, or clueless. But we don’t use racial slurs at RedState and there are some topics we should best avoid in polite society This is one of them Trying to engage in a conversation on this topic will cause the user to | Read More »