To Imam Rauf: Is Barack Obama an apostate?

    Memo to journalists expecting to question Imam Faisal Rauf on his return from Middle Eastern junket: Pls consider the following line of questioning: During your trip abroad, a major controversy has erupted in America over the question of whether President Barack Obama is Christian or Muslim. The White House states unequivocally that Barack Obama is a Christian.  That he came in his late 20′s to accept | Read More »


    Despite 9/11, many Americans continue to be either baffled by or ignorant of Muslim ways and laws. That is understandable. To the average American, a theocracy is like a dark and dangerous far-away island where nobody wants to travel. Separation of church and state is a concept Western society holds dear. But there is another concept in the modern Western paradigm that is not addressed | Read More »