Conceal and Carry Time: A Punk Harrasses My Wife

    I am a non-violent guy unless you mess with someone I love or try to take away my right to defend myself. When it comes to restoring constitutional governance to this country, my method of choice is nullification and non-violent passive-aggressive resistance in the vein of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Admittedly, there is probably a point where I would turn my back on these | Read More »

    Two Shootin’ Tools for Sister Sarah

    NRA members, keep an eye out for your copy of May’s American Rifleman, if it hasn’t already arrived. According to the latest edition of the magazine, Bob Reynolds, gunsmith and owner of Templar Consulting LLC, will make a special presentation at the NRA Foundation Banquet on May 14. It’s a modified AR-15 (civilian version of the milspec M16 rifle), specially customized in honor of Gov. | Read More »