Just imagine if Obama is president and this happens again…

    Just imagine if another air traffic controller strike happens if Obama is president. “According to journalist Haynes Johnson, the decisive manner in which Reagan handled the PATCO strike convinced many Americans that he was “the kind of leader the country longed for and thought it had lost: a strong president” — in sharp contrast to the widely-held view that Reagan’s predecessor, Jimmy Carter, had been | Read More »

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    Here we are in Florida listening to Obama’s daily dialogue of half or all out un-truths? When will you show up? We can’t deal with this daily mess. PLEASE come back to Florida and speak the truth? We miss you and need you to show up ……… UNHEARD in Florida

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    whats wrong with the candidates

    If it is true that our government wants change, then why is it not a good change. Both candidates say they are against gay marriage but states its alright to be gay and to vote for issues for gays, the bible states differently. Then they say yes to the real I.D. act which will track every american ever read in the bible THE MARK of | Read More »