Google Eyed Magritte: Google’s Holiday Logos and the Culture War

    Google’s oddball choices of “holiday” logos have reached a new height of surreality. Though they famously almost never memorialize Easter or Columbus Day (the last Easter was in 2000, the last Columbus Day never), they did celebrate the birthdays of Marc Chagall, Diego Velazquez, Walter Gropius, Alexander Graham Bell, and the LEGO brick this year. And every year they celebrate the Persian New Year, Earth | Read More »

    Obama Nude

    So I’ve been following the politics and reading all of the reviews. What is America coming to… really. The Media loves to focus on the individuals personal lives forgetting about the real issues at hand. What do you think?!? Had to share a hilarious article that I found at Weekly World News… atleast someone can take light in the situation

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