The War on… Dog Breeders?

    In what should come as a surprise to approximately three people (namely, those left who still think the government wouldn’t leak things), the government is still leaking things. Absurd things. The United States Department of Agriculture is handing over lists of dog breeders to perpetual bad commercial releasers, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals AKA ASCPA AKA that day-ruining advertisement with | Read More »

    SHOCK! Macomb County, MI: Vote GOP and Lose Your Dog

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at In a shocking twist on their traditional efforts at disenfranchisement the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Macomb County, Michigan has announced plans to take conservative voter suppression to an unprecedented and shocking level this November. Speaking exclusively with, Macomb County Commissioner and Dem Party Boss Ed Bruley announced plans by the local organization’s volunteers to use dog | Read More »