Julian Assange Had A Point

    By now, we’ve all gone through the mourning period requisite to accept that any privacy we expected to have as American Citizens is dead. The War on Terror killed it. In a sense, Osama Bin Laden won. He’s spiking the football down in hell as we speak. If he hated us for our freedoms, he should lighten up a bit and chill. Those freedoms are increasingly becoming non-existent – a casualty of war so to speak.

    The recent revelations of Edward Snowden, even if partially inflated by bravado and imagination, suggest that everything I’ve written above is the sad truth about Post-modern America. We are increasingly becoming The Orwell State.

    And the people wielding all the special powers we enacted to fight The War on Terror still wield them without any let-up. They wield them without let-up right after they announced the war was coming to an end. So if the GWOT is over and done with, who does the administration consider the enemy? Or worse yet, does the administration even feel the need for an enemy? Do they consider the police state a naturally justifiable equilibrium? All of these questions above are fine and dandy for batting around the dorm hall amidst a cloud of epistemological bong smoke. If you don’t like the answers to any of the questions I’ve posited then here’s the only question that matters: what do you intend to do about it? Glen Greenwald offers one response below.

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    Condi whips WikiLeaks. Condoleezza Rice politically dominates Julian Assange. [Sanitized.]

    Condi whips WikiLeaks. Condoleezza Rice politically dominates Julian Assange. (YouTube) December 3, 2010. Condoleezza Rice replies to a question by Katie Couric and one from a member of a studio audience about WikiLeaks. Condoleezza Rice I think what has happened is a crime. It is up to the Justice Department to figure out exactly what crime it is but it’s got to be prosecuted and | Read More »

    How To Properly Kick the @$$ of @$$ange

    WikiLeaks is the journalistic equivalent of the art world’s Piss Christ — a product of the cynical postmodern West. – Victor Davis Hanson (HT: NRO) Julian Assange believes that he cuts a bold figure. He is the hero of Internet Glibertarians from around the globe. He lives the life of Croesus while providing no more useful a service to society than the bums who sit | Read More »

    To Deal With Julian Assange

    It is becoming more clear each day that passes, that the simple approach to Mr. WikiLeaks is to arrest him. With the latest information regarding his arrest and “Super Double Secrete” encrypted documents makes it even easier. Arrest him. Then when he releases the code to access those encrypted documents, without redaction, you can not only get him on “Supposed” National Treason, but Actual National | Read More »

    I’m Not Drinking the Wikileaks Kool-Aid

    The swiftness with which the Right and Left have banded together in supporting the criminal prosecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is unnerving.  A surprisingly few number of voices are willing to question the political trajectory of the Wikileaks controversy.  Over the last several days, characters as varied as Sarah Palin, Attorney General Eric Holder, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, and White House officials have either | Read More »

    Reaction to Wikileaks

    With the crowning of our supreme leader America has been steadily declining in all relevant measurements. We have put a person in charge of the most powerful army, at one time the strongest economy, and I believe still the most resourceful people in the world. And yet, this same man, leader of the Free World, has the belief that no one should be stronger than | Read More »

    Julian Assange should be sent to Guantanamo Bay

    Julian Assange doesn’t look like your typical Taliban operative. He’s an Australian born blond haired pasty white guy who looks like he’s quite unfamiliar with the sun. Truth be told, he’s not actually an operative. In all honesty he probably doesn’t like those guys much. Nonetheless, he is working for them as much as if he were on their payroll. Last week, the website he | Read More »