The Hebrew Tradition, Part I. Zodiac Abraham [G'bye]

    [Bill S. Warned you.  You ignored his warning. G'bye. - NS] Part I. Zodiac Abraham NOTE: The Hebrew Tradition Series is an ongoing set of articles and essays featuring the various supernatural and unexplainable aspects of the three great Hebrew religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This article, called Part I. Zodiac Abraham, is just the first of many future installments of the Hebrew Tradition | Read More »

    Pew and the Democratic War on Science.

    For the record, I don’t actually care if somebody believes in stuff like astrology. But fair’s fair, and if we’re going to have to listen to liberal elites sneering about creationists, said elites can take the time to explain why they don’t sneer at astrology devotees*: For those limited to text: somewhere around 30% of Democrats believe in a whole range of New Age stuff, | Read More »

    Prediction/US Presidential Election

    The pollsters are guessing and executing their biased schemes. Look how the polls will tighten up as the election day approaches. These are the same polls that gave a double digit lead to Socialist Obama in New Hampshire primary as well as the California primary. Anything worthwhile to make the nights of Obamabots sleepless. On the other hand, if this guy is on the money, | Read More »