#Obamacare exchanges: June myth versus October reality.

    Here’s a fun game: see how far you can get in this Atlantic Obamacare puff piece from June 2013 before you erupt in involuntary laughter! As the first website to be demonstrated by a sitting President of the United States, Healthcare.gov already occupies an unusual place in history. In October, it will take on an even more important historic role, guiding millions of Americans through | Read More »

    The Atlantic’s Heritage Hit Job Relies on an Obama Voter Without Disclosing It

    The Atlantic's Heritage Hit Job Relies on an Obama Voter Without Disclosing It

    The Atlantic has written a hit job on the Heritage Foundation. The central premise of the article is that Republicans are upset because the conservative organization has declared conservatism and Republicans are not the same thing. The article relies heavily on Mickey Edwards, one of the Heritage Foundation’s three founding trustees. Molly Ball, the author of the Atlantic piece, writes: Mickey Edwards, one of three | Read More »

    A Query for Couric

    On January 14th, 2010, the Columbia School of Broadcasting, along with the Alfred I DuPont Foundation, awarded the Silver Baton award, an award the university compares to the Pulitzer, to Katie Couric for her 2008 interviews with Sarah Palin.  The awards committee reported that Couric was selected because,”In a political season full of interviews with the leading candidates, Katie Couric’s apt and determined questioning of | Read More »

    Legions of Editors & Fact-Checkers Watch: The Atlantic poll cherrypicking.

    (H/T: Instapundit) The Atlantic’s Chris Good, on Governor Jindal’s (correct) observation that polls show that the public does not support the Democrats’ health care plans: Of the most recent, reliable, non-partisan major polls–a Sept. 12 Washington Post/ABC survey, an Economist/YouGov survey released Sept. 15, and a Sept. 25 NY Times/CBS poll–only the first shows Americans opposed to Democratic plans (48 percent to 52 percent); the | Read More »

    Ross Douthat to replace Bill Kristol at NYT.

    Starting online, then going to print. A year ago I would have called that a step down for Douthat. Then again, a year ago Andrew Sullivan hadn’t decided yet to start stalking Sarah Palin online. Since the Atlantic is apparently institutionally fine with that, hey, any port in a storm. Via The Other McCain, who is even now discovering that God is an iron*. Moe | Read More »

    Can we pressure The Atlantic to sue Jill Greenberg?

    Remember Jill Greenburg? The Hollywood photographer who took pictures of John McCain on behalf of The Atlantic magazine? She then turned those photographs into disgusting caricatures of McCain. My “favorite” was the picture of an ape, deficating on the head of a true American hero.The Atlantic professed to be shocked, shocked that Greenburg would be so unprofessional. They sent reps on TV to express their | Read More »