The Moon Sure Seems Far from Aurora This Morning…

    Excited NASA scientists watch in awe as the Moon Landing unfolds on July 20, 1969. By Matt Rooney | Cross-posted at We’re all focused on the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado this morning, Save Jerseyans. Rightly so. 12 Americans are dead (including a 6-year old) and 50 more are injured after a 24-year old man allegedly opened fire in a crowded Dark Knight Rises midnight | Read More »

    Magnetic Field of Earth Contains Time Portals?

    Comments are closed on this diary. This has no business being on RS. In the future, restrict diaries to topics on politics and related – not pseudo-science…. Mgmt. Simulation of Earth’s magnetic field in interaction with (solar) interplanetar magnetic field (IMF): The animation illustrates the dynamical changes of the global magnetic field in the course of a disturbance: a temporary compression of the magnetosphere by | Read More »

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