University Hypocrisy

    A few weeks ago, Bristol Palin was uninvited from a speaking engagement at Washington University for fabricated reason of money, but as we all know, this attack was based only on one thing — who her mother is. Now I’m faced with a new question. Why is Pentagon bomber, Bill Ayers, more acceptable to speak to university students than Bristol Palin?

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    TOTUS Reports from Chicago after Break-In

    I wouldn’t normally post just a link but this is hysterical!! Get ready to ROFL!! Pulling a Gates So last night, while we were in Chicago at a Democrat fundraising event, Big Guy decided to drive by the old homestead, pick up the mail that has been making a big pile in the middle of the foyer for the past six months, and make sure | Read More »

    Chicago’s Elite and Radicals: One Close Family

    I imagine if you call the office of a Chicago politician or prominent Chicago university it must go something like this. Press 1 for hours and location Press 2 for information on new projects Press 3 for ways to contribute Press 4 if you are a domestic terrorist seeking public funding or a professorship Chicago is obviously a place filled with radicals. The more interesting | Read More »

    Scuttlebut Around America 2008

    Mrs. Claus and the elves are restless whispering and sharing some more bad news – Santa’s gone to the White House with the out of money blues The “White House Mavericks,” Paulson, Pelosi, Dodd and Reid are hiding behind closed doors – playing dirty monopoly not attending to chores Dennis Miller has written a new speech for Biden – so now dear Joe is jumping | Read More »

    Mr. Obama’s Changes

    Mr. Obama, one question keeps raising its ugly head – what is this wonderful “change” that you kept mentioning in your campaign? Your famous last words during your acceptance speech, is finally America is ready to move forward with change – sounds good Mr. Obama. How do Americans know which of your many changes is the final change that we’ll be able to live with, | Read More »

    MSM—I triple dog dare you to ask Bill Ayers this question

    Bill Ayers is on a national book and self-rehabilitation tour. I caught part of his tour today at the gym, while Good Morning America was interviewing him. In the interview, Ayers was portraying himself as just one of many misunderstood but well-meaning Vietnam War protesters. Just a poor fellow who the McCain campaign and those nastry right-wingers grossly mischaracterized. Then, why did he try to | Read More »

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    You pick the lier…candidate Obama or terrorist Ayers?

    Okay, I’m officially confused. President-Elect Obama, as presidential candidate Obama, repeatedly told all that Bill Ayers was a guy who lived in his neighborhood, someone who he served on a board with. He denied any friendship beyond that and said it was all made up that his political career was launched from Ayers livingroom. So is one of them lying? Maybe it’s just convenient that | Read More »

    NEWS FLASH: Ayers and Obama Again!

    Thiswas on AOL News this morning: “Bill Ayers (R), co-founder of the organization Weather Underground, chats with other voters after casting his vote in the U.S. presidential election at the Beulah Shoesmith Elementary School in Chicago, November 4, 2008. Ayers cast his vote within half an hour of U.S. democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama at the same polling place.” Still think there’s no continuing connection? | Read More »

    The people Barack Hussein Obama Learned Life From.

    A few hours ago, in just a small news story, FOX brought out an old book written by Mr. Ayers & wife. Seems that the book, “Prairie Fire”, was dedicated to many obscure ’60s-era radicals, criminals and revolutionaries.One person that is named, is a “political prisoner” by the name of Sirhan Sirhan. Who, as many know, killed Robert F. Kennedy. Remember, Obama said of Ayers: | Read More »

    Billy Ayers’ Prairie Fire

    Back in the 1970’s William (then called Billy) Ayers wrote (or co-wrote with his now-wife, Bernadine Dohrn) Prairie Fire, the Weather Underground’s manifesto. A must-read blog on this appears at ZombieTime with all the links and text. This is a must-read. I won’t pull pieces here. I encourage you to read the article. As a side-note, as a graduate of Knox College, whose school nickname | Read More »


    Hey Troll, bring this to your master

    Well, you’re almost there. Five more days to see your dreams come true. Just 5 more days. It was hard for you, wasn’t it? So much work, so much planning. There were alot of “almost got caught moments” weren’t there? But you seemed to plod through it. You’re almost there. Hold on tight. Your mind should be at ease fairly soon. The “Big Bang” of | Read More »

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    “To avoid being mistaken for a sell-out, I chose my friends carefully.” – Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father As you well know, the election is nearly here. If you’re like most people, you probably know a fair amount by now about Joe Plumber’s background (he goes by his middle name! The horror!), and you may even have heard a bit about Palin’s wardrobe, but | Read More »

    Obama, Ayers and Redistribution: A Six-part Essay for the Undecided Voter

    Today I completed a six-part essay targeted toward undecided voters. It shows that Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers is not a distraction from the more important issue of the economy. Rather, Ayers is the key to an understanding of Obama’s economic policy. The first posting in the series is Inseparable: Obama, Ayers and the National Economy If you know any undecided voters, and you think | Read More »

    Bill Ayers Still a Coward

    As I wrote here, when Fox News tried to ask Bill Ayers questions about his relationship with Barack Obama, he refused to answer. In fact, his voice almost cracked because he is such a coward. Now ABC News tried to get him to answer questions, and it was pretty much the same story. It must be remembered that Bill Ayers is a man who has | Read More »

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    Obama on redistributing the wealth

    This is the sixth in a series of posts which discuss the relationship between Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and our national economy.To read the first entry, click here. This entry has only one piece of evidence: The transcript of Obama’s comments on a public radio station, made on January 18, 2001. The subject of the program was “The Court and Civil Rights”. Audio of the | Read More »