Obama Four Surrogate Dads, and what they mean for US!

    It is beyond dispute that Obama’s African father abandoned Obama and flew back to pursue his socialist, pro-Soviet Union dreams for Kenya– and for all of Africa. Obama has spent his life, in part, seeking surrogate father figures. So far he has found at least four. Let’s have a quick look at them: 1) Frank Marshall Davis, Communist, black racist, Stalinist. Obama’s first “Red Star | Read More »

    Your Sunday RS videocast of Top Weather Underground Videos

    The Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers says: I did Black Hat SEO with Obama! Read the Commentary MSU SDS Reunion: Bernardine Dohrn speaks OBAMA: Bernadine Dohrn Overthrowing Capitalism 2007 Read the Commentary

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    Not Done With Ayers; Incriminating Photo

    A picture is worth a thousand words (or at least a hundred). Via Hot Air: Just a guy in the neighborhood, right.

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    Why I am saying ‘Nobama’ in 2008

    There are supporters of Barack Obama who like to toss aside problems that have come to light with the candidate as this campaign has progressed. Supporters of Obama may say, “Well, he went to Wright’s church, but does not anymore.” Or, “Ayers blew people up 40 years ago!” Or, “Rezko took advantage of the Obamas.” They may claim that “things have been taken out of | Read More »

    Keep the HEAT on Ayers

    From Michelle Malkin: Bill Ayers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Canceled HEY BILL: We used Rule 4: RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The | Read More »

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    Keep the HEAT on Ayers

    From Michelle Malkin: Bill Ayers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Canceled We need to find out where the scum is going next. As Bill Ayers once wrote – “Memory is a motherf*cker,”

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    Top Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama

    Lack of Judgement demonstrated by his long association with people who hate AmeriKKKa like Jeremiah Wright (Pastor who screamed “God Damn AmeriKKKa” right after 9/11- http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/Story?id=4443788, William Ayers (unrepentant domestic terrorist who bombed Government Buildings in the 70’s and who said after 9/11 that he regretted that he had not done more-http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/08/26/newly-released-documents-highlight-obamas-relationship-with-ayers/, and Rezko (convicted felon who bankrolled his first political campaignhttp://www.gop.com/ObamaRezkoShadyDeal/ amongst others. Culpability | Read More »

    Slippery Obama Skirted Ayers, ACORN

    Barack Obama managed to skirt the whole Willam Ayers/ACORN issue in the October 15 debate with the following statement broken into 5 parts. First Obama said: “In fact, Mr. Ayers has become the centerpiece of Senator McCain’s campaign over the last two or three weeks. This has been their primary focus. So let’s get the record straight. Bill Ayers is a professor of education in Chicago.” | Read More »

    Check Out My Lowry Rebuttal on Ayers Over at “The Corner”

    Rich Lowry had a piece on Ayers. His position was that Ayers was not working. I wrote him an email arguing many of the points that I have argued here. He posted it. They are both up of The Corner right now. So if it’s good enough for The Corner, I guess I’ll repost it here: Lowry: Not surprisingly, the Ayers attacks don’t appear to | Read More »

    WHY the Flack about Rev. Wright?

    The below article url was sent to me in answer to questions concerning Barack Obama in my ongoing image of him as a “Trojan Horse” for the people behind him who have promoted him into political office, as a result of his work as a community organizer for Bill Ayers and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in Chicago. All these people are named in the article, | Read More »

    Biden Demands Answers from Obama About His Questionable Past Associations

    Well, not exactly. Biden actually demanded answers of Samuel Alito about Alito’s associations with “the Concerned Alumni of Princeton,” something most would agree is an association several degrees less serious than associations with terrorist bombers, America-hating pastors, and organizations involved in wide-scale voter fraud. Based on Biden’s own record of casting aspersions based upon the previous associations of his political foes (however loose those associations | Read More »

    My Friend Bill Ayers

    My Friend Bill Ayers Send Thomas Frank an e-mail and let him hear what you think of his article. [email protected]

    “Memory is a motherf*cker,” Ayers warns his readers, in the illiterate style that made him an icon of the New Left.

    I have referenced some material that John McCain can use tomorrow night. And I would quote this line: As Bill Ayers once wrote – “Memory is a motherf*cker,” That should get the MSM on the case. Oh, and don’t forget about ACORN,Frank Marshall Davis,Fannie Mae & Freddie Macand Obama & Odinga’s special love for each other Allies in War Excerpt: “In my experience, what drives | Read More »

    Three easy things McCain can do at the last debate to stay viable

    I didn’t support you in the primary, Sen. McCain. As a matter of fact, you were probably my sixth choice. In no small part, this was because you had shown too much comity in the past toward people who hate my guts. You have only realized in recent days they hate you as well. One thing I never doubted, though, was that you loved your | Read More »

    McCain’s stance on Ayers is wrong

    I’m so frustrated with McCain’s incompetence. Are his advisors freaking morons? He said yesterday that he doesn’t “give a damm about the washed-up terrorist,” when referring to Ayers and said that he only cares because Obama lied about it. Why the f*ck isn’t McCain making the case that Obama and Ayers share the same radical socialist values, which is why they’re friends and worked together | Read More »