Barak’s Islam

    Obama’s connections are continually popping up that ties him to Islam and his muslim faith. I pray the nation will see these cnnections and not just pass them off as smears as Obama would like them to be seen. Lets look at all his associations and any messaging that could be shown through out his campaign. Obama attends Columbia Khaldi’s father teaches an Arab studies | Read More »

    Ayers, Carville and Salt Lake City is burning

    Bill Ayers made a calculated desision when he realized that blowing up buildings was not going to change America into the socalist state he dreamed of. He decided to do it from inside the system. What “grown up” would let an admitted domestic terrorist who hates what our American flag stands for be in charge of anything related to educating America’s youth. I guess the | Read More »

    Why does Bill Ayers matter?

    So the next time someone says Bill Ayers does not matter:Show them these photos.This guy is teaching college age kids.Are your children next?And what do you think he would be duringan Obama presidency?And that line Obama says that his kidsand Bill Ayers kids went to school together?Bill Ayers “kids” are adults.

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    MI Morning Update 10-13-2008

    22 Days Until Election Day October 13, 2008 MORNING UPDATE:  OBAMA’S CHARACTER AND ASSOCIATIONS MATTER…Thomas Sowell has pointed out that there are serious doubts about Obama’s character and judgment raised by Obama’s lengthy associations, indeed alliances with Ayers, Dorhn, Rezko, Wright. Senator Obama’s explanations of these alliances miss the point, and are vague and unsatisfactory. There are also serious doubts raised by Obama’s association with | Read More »

    New RNC Ad.

    Only partially because there’s something enjoyable about watching people go through the effort of registering for an account here for the express purpose of telling us how little a deal this issue is. (Via Hot Air)

    “Barack Obama Revealed, A Dire Warning from an African American”

    I found this blog in doing some more research…. This was stunning. I hope this truth gets out before it is too late.Read the comments, very interesting perspective from both sides.Please this forward to your friends. From: Jazzman “I have been hoping I would never have to write this article. I hoped it would never get to this point, which would force me to openly | Read More »

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    A Parody of an Obama Stump Speech

    My fellow comrades, I, Barack Obama am so honored to be the candidate for the socialist party of the United States. I pledge to change America, in the way Lenin changed the Russia into the USSR. I pledge that the US shall be renamed The United Socialist States of America, or USSA. I will initiate my progessive tax plan on Americans, so that all shall | Read More »

    No Excuse for the Obama Muse to Abuse!

    OBAMA MEMOIRS by WM. AYERS, confident? Jack Cashill writes in American Thinker, “Prior to 1990, when Barack Obama contracted to write Dreams From My Father, he had written very close to nothing. Then, five years later, this untested 33 year-old produced what Time Magazine has called — with a straight face — “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.” 18, 2008 © | Read More »

    Ayers vs. The Economy

    I don’t think people get Ayers. The two important things about Ayers are that (1) it had the ability to pierce the MSM veil and (2) it creates doubts about Obama’s character and agenda. Sometimes you throw spaghetti at the wall and you work with what sticks. Odinga is not sticking. Trying to pin Jim Johnson on Obama did not stick. McCain went from have | Read More »

    Is somebody playing games with the McCain/Palin ACORN ad? [UPDATE: Nope.]

    [UPDATE: Via AoSHQ’s headlines, nope, it’s FoxNews. NBC did something similar to Obama two weeks ago, too; them’s the breaks. What, disable the link? Hah! I ain’t the McCain campaign, bubbeleh.] “Spies, Brigands and Pirates” (what, no ninja?) of Protein Wisdom Pub suspects that the Fox News copyright complaint about the ACORN ad (which you can still see here by the way) is a fake | Read More »

    Councilman in my city was a victim of Ayer’s Reign of Terror

    Here is an interesting local story that the mainstream Marxist media will never talk about. I thought it would be interesting to post here. I am not sure if I would be violating any copyright laws by copying and pasting the article here so to be safe, here is the link:

    New McCain ad hits Obama on Ayers and Dems on economy

    Now Obama says he thought Ayers was “rehabilitated”

    Well, a few days ago Obama was telling folks he didn’t know anything about Ayers past. ( a lie). That didn’t work so he’s changing his tune, now he believes Ayers had “rehabilitated”. Which is it, he knew or he didn’t???


    The Obama campaign is set to soon release medical records that will show Obama had “possessed the mind of an eight year old” until April 1, 2000. According to undisclosed and completely unreliable sources, this record release will reveal that until then Obama suffered from a rare mental malady calledOcto-psycho-consciousness. This disease, of which Obama is the only known sufferer, inhibits an individual’s ability to | Read More »

    The Difference Between Obama And McCain Is…

    …That the only time McCain was surrounded by people that hate the United States, he was a POW being held against his will. Obama worked with them and attended church with them by choice. Cross-posted at

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