Judge a man on his Actions, not his Words!

    Certainly a lesson for the average Independant voter. For Obama was a man of (teleprompter) Words, and not so a man of action. But I am not here to discuss Obama so much this day. Nay I am here to talk of the three of the candidates. First is Santorum. Take his words, and the words of others away and stand him on his actions. | Read More »

    (Cartoon as Background) – The Threat Cartoon…

    MetaCosm suggested I make a couple images from the “Threat” cartoon into a few common computer background sizes in case RedStaters wanted to set them as their wallpaper image. So I did. They can be downloaded with the following links: 1600 X 1200 – HERE 2560 X 1600 – HERE

    Background chatter from DNC

    As I channel surfed looking for something more interesting than the DNC, I did occasionally stop and listen to a few of the speakers. What I noticed was that in all but the A-list speakers, there was a lot of background chatter. With every pause of a speaker, you could hear the attendees going at it with a dull roar. Is this there standard? Will | Read More »