Should Obama Politicize The Fed?

    Should President Obama politicize the Federal Reserve? If so, what would he accomplish? Ezra Klein of the Washington Post seems to think he should, and that this would somehow magically create jobs – but you would look long and hard for an explanation of how this would work.

    So please, Sec. Paulson, do tell us what the hurry was?

    I wish Sec. Paulson had written the last word on the Bailout Fiasco yesterday. But he gave the clearest summation of it’s failure, for he said it with his own words. Michelle Malkin today called the anemic Sec. Treasury Hank Paulson the “Naked Emperor.”. I’d like to say I am shocked that he admits that the bailout will not do what he intended already. But | Read More »

    Romney for NRCC?

    In today’s “Bad idea” segment I am struck by the defeatism that seems rampant in this post. First it assumes a loss in this election when the polls are showing things as close as even. Bad idea. Second, it all but assumes we ‘would likely lose’ against an incumbent Obama in 2012…I really don’t get that at all. If the blinders don’t fall off for | Read More »