Same Old Song from Obama

    Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I believe old Al’s theory is just as applicable in spotting idealogues as it is lunatics. Which brings me to our president’s proposal to spend $450 billion on Stimulus II. Compare the laundry list of spending from the $867 billion sinkhole of spending called Stimulus I to Bailout Barry’s | Read More »

    Sen. Brown Goes To Bat For Government Unions

    From the Wall St. Journal: The Senate is moving closer to passing legislation that would require states to grant public-safety employees, including police, firefighters and emergency medical workers, the right to collectively bargain over hours and wages. The bill, known as the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, would mainly affect about 20 states that don’t grant collective-bargaining rights statewide for public-safety workers or that prohibit | Read More »

    Bailout Barry Strikes Again

    F.O.B.’s have returned with a vengeance. President Obama has made sure to take good care of the folks who made his election possible. Well, the big-monied special interests anyway, the American people not so much. When the UAW’s exorbitant contracts drove 2 of the Big 3 automakers into bankruptcy Obama awarded them the keys to GM and Chrysler and billions of taxpayer dollars to prop | Read More »

    President Bailout

    Pres. “Bailout Barry” Obama has reportedly insisted that Sen. Dodd stop negotiating with Senate Republicans on the “financial reform” bill. You see, he thinks it’s good politics to have Harry Reid hold a cloture vote a day and label Republicans as tools of the Wall St. fatcats. This is a highly cynical strategy considering that the list of major donors to his election campaign looks | Read More »