Let’s Not Spend Money

    Let’s Not Spend Money

    The Maryland Alliance for the Poor released a 2014 poverty profile for Maryland. The Catholic Charities of Maryland hosts a copy on its website. According to the report, the 2012 median income in Baltimore was $39,788. The U.S. Census notes that from 2009 to 2013, the media income was roughly $41,385. For comparison, the State of Maryland as a whole has a median income of | Read More »

    2011 Candidate Interview: Ari Winokur (R-MD)

    Ari Winokur is a young Republican in Baltimore City who decided to stand up and run for City Council. A citizen of the Fifth Councilmanic District, Winokur wants to “…bring greater sensibility and transparency to government…” according to his website. I contacted Winokur to ask him some questions about his stances on the issues and his campaign. What follows are his answers. Matthew Newman: What | Read More »

    Gift Cards for Sheila

    As many in the Baltimore area know, Mayor Sheila Dixon was convicted of misappropriation of gift cards which were supposed to be used for underprivaleged families. Instead, she used the gift cards on herself. She was found not guilty on two theft charges. The convicted Mayor should resign from her position. She is currently not serving the people of Baltimore City by continuing to waste | Read More »