McCain leads Obama by 15 points with Catholics

    So saith Zogby. Needless to say, this is excellent news for McCain.

    Vive le Paris!

    Via HotAir, I had the dubious pleasure of watching a Paris Hilton video tonight. Hold on, now, it’s not what you think. See more funny videos at Funny or Die The marginally humorous clip raises an important question: Should Paris Hilton be the next President of the United States of America?

    Why Obama Should Pick Evan Bayh

    Some speculate that Obama will tap Evan Bayh to be his VP this week. We Republicans should do all we can to encourage Obama to make this very wise selection. Senator Obama, if you are reading this blog, let me present you with some benefits of picking Evan Bayh: 1. Bayh will help you win Indiana, as he is very popular there. Why just stick | Read More »

    Obama ignores facts, blames GOP {UPDATED}

    {UPDATE: with Kevin’s kind permission, below is the video of the speech in question. Remember: this is the candidate who’s supposed to be taking us away from the politics of negativity. Unless you disagree with his math, of course: then you’re just being proudly ignorant. But he still wants your vote! – Moe Lane} Obama in Ohio: Let me make a point—let me make a | Read More »

    Barack Obama Voted for Big Oil

    From the AP Democratic candidate Barack Obama criticized Republican John McCain on Tuesday for taking a page out of “the Cheney playbook” on energy, overlooking his own support of oil-friendly policies that the unpopular vice president helped to craft. Vice President Dick Cheney, a former oilman, early in the Bush administration helped draft an energy policy that Obama asserted is biased in favor of tax | Read More »

    Where are all the white women at?

    Not totally safe for work: What can you say to that? The overlord of liberal news, Jon Stewart, has mocked the One. Either it wasn’t racism, or Stewart has been killed and replaced with a cunning replica. You decide. Open Thread

    “Barack Obama’s America”

    Please vote for Phil Kline today. There are several reasons why Kline should be retained as your district attorney, but number one on my list is that he had the guts to take on the proabortion lobby And Lord knows that he has paid a significant price for having done so. Please reward Kline’s courage by reelecting him to be your district attorney. As the | Read More »

    Barry ought to embrace the Paris/Britney thing

    Actually, Barry might have to embrace the Paris/Britney thing. McClatchy has a story on the latest Zogby: New poll shows Obama losing support among young, women. I’m sure Lindsey Lohan would sign on as a campaign consultant. After all, she’s big friends with Obama backer Al Gore.

    Barack Obama’s “New” Energy Plan And Nancy Pelosi Saves The World

    Democrat nominee Barack Obama delivered yet another address on energy. This time he is in favor of tapping the strategic oil reserve and maybe, just maybe looking at the possibility of thinking about considering to review some thoughts about off shore drilling. His energy plan still consists mainly of alternatives that are YEARS in the future if the research were to begin today. He and | Read More »

    Is Obama going to skip a military townhall for a vacation in Hawaii?

    Kudos to Newsbusters for tracking this down. John McCain and Barack Obama have been invited to participate in a townhall with the active duty military and their families on August 11. According to the organizers, only McCain has agreed to attend. What’s Obama’s excuse? Scheduling conflict: Obama campaign spokeswoman Shannon Gilson said that while the senator has a scheduling conflict on Aug. 11, he “strongly | Read More »

    Larry Johnson Continues His Jihad

    The aptly named Larry Johnson has posted more revelations on Barack Obama’s birth certificate. I’ve got to tell you that I don’t know whether my head or sides were splitting after reading the “forensic analysis”. Here’s the simple summary–an authentic [certificate of live birth] COLB was used as a template to create the so-called “birth certificate” that was first posted at Daily Kos and the | Read More »

    AP: GOP Convention Protesters Create ‘Marketplace of Ideas’

    Talk about a puff piece, this Associated Press short is a story with absolutely no substance. Not only that but after seeing the headline and then reading the story, one is hard pressed to believe they belong together. This Amy Forliti puffery is incongruously headlined “Protesters expected to transform the streets outside GOP convention into marketplace of ideas,” yet there isn’t any discussion at all | Read More »

    Barack Obama Is Very Flexible

    One of the critiques that has been relentlessly attached to President Bush is that he’s inflexible. If Barack Obama is elected president no one need have that worry. Barack Obama is the epitome of flexibility. Even his nuances are nuanced. He is so nuanced and flexible (or disingenuous, dishonest, and evasive depending upon your outlook) that he inspired me to steal my subhead, verbatim, from | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

    91 Days until Election Day August 5, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: McCAIN IN MICHIGAN…John McCain will tour our Fermi II nuclear plant downriver and stress the need for domestic alternative power to make us less reliant on foreign crude.  We need to maximize domestic oil supplies, nuclear, wind, and solar power…to help put America back to work.  McCAIN CHALLENGES OBAMA TO CALL BACK CONGRESS…and get to | Read More »

    Re: Worry on the Left

    …to BrianFaughnan’s quite good post, but I decided it was worth it’s own blog: Obama has two problems, here. The first is that he needs to “respond to every criticism leveled at him by a Republican operative,” simply because his party’s mythology is full of stories about The Democrat Who Wouldn’t Fight Back (instead of, say, The Democrat Who Fought Back Like an Idiot). He | Read More »