Obama news: Rezko to be sentenced a week before the election

    Barry Obama’s real estate buddy and fundraiser Tony Rezko is set to be sentenced for “wide-ranging fraud, connected to taking kickbacks from state deals.” Rezko’s sentencing date is scheduled for October 28, a week before the Presidential election. Don’t look at us. We didn’t nominate the guy and his baggage.

    About the Pay-Grade Thing

    Never make a joke that undermines the premises of what you’re trying to sell. That one’s not actually in the rule book (at least I’ve never seen it there), but you know it’s true if you’ve ever had to kick a cocky young sales guy under the table. Knowing where one stands on challenging, controversial questions is above Obama’s pay grade. We know this because | Read More »

    Seriously, shouldn’t Obama do something about this?

    The Italian edition of Vanity Fair has recently tracked down George Hussein Onyango Obama, half brotherof the presumptive Democratic nominee, living in a two by three meter shack in a small town near Nairobi. The man’s income amounts to about one dollar per day, and the neighborhood he lives in is extremely dangerous. During the recent disturbances following the disputed presidential election Obama’s town saw | Read More »

    You too can buy the Obama Family T-Shirt

    In honor of Senator Obama’s devotion to his extended family and the DNC’s efforts to remove the homeless from unsightliness if not from sight altogether, we’ve created this little item in commemoration: Get the t-shirt here

    Here’s the audio of Obama endorsing Infanticide from the floor of the Illinois Senate

    This is on YouTube. It’s his voice. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of it, but I trust the friend who sent it to me. In the audio, Obama raises a new argument against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that he has not raised in public during the present discussion. The description of the YouTube clip sums it up: In this audio Obama coldly | Read More »

    McCain Leads For First Time

    FiveThirtyEight runs a rather unique projection site. Unlike RCP’s crude averages that follow the current state of the race, 538 tries to project the result based on current polls, underlying demographics, and cyclical trends (i.e. when a convention bump happens, 538 will be discounting those numbers). 538 runs a large number of simulations using a calculated probability of winning each state. For the first time | Read More »

    Senator Obama’s Family Values or Charity Begins At Home

    First Brothers. Gotta love ’em. My gosh, who can forget Billy Carter, amateur brewmeister and registered agent of Muammar Khaddafi. Or the exploits of the uber-talented Roger Clinton. And the Rodham brothers. You’d have to look far and wide to find a more egregious pair of asshats (though heaven forbid one of them may be flirting with a McCain endorsement.) In the past, though, the | Read More »

    Obama brings knife to gun fight

    The headline is hilarious and the point is valid. The Obama campaign sent out an email announcing they were releasing a new ad in Georgia linking McCain to Ralph Reed and, by association, Jack Abramoff. Brian Rogers, spokesman for the McCain campaign, fired back with this: “Barack Obama’s ad is ridiculous. Because of John McCain, corruption was exposed and people like Jack Abramoff went to | Read More »

    Dems Should be *ALOT* Better at Acronyms than this…

    Now, I’m not going to expand on the functionality of this network, as Michelle Malkin has already done so. And I couldn’t find the exact wording of the Social Investment Fund Network in the Democratic Platform (warning, pdf!), but I did find this bit at Barack Obama’s Plan for Universal Voluntary Public Service: **Social Investment Fund Network:** Obama will create a Social Investment Fund Network | Read More »

    Captain Bulls*** Strikes Again

    Obama won’t accept PAC money. Using campaign appearances, e-mails to supporters, and Iowa TV ads, Illinois Senator Barack Obama has repeatedly reminded voters that his presidential campaign does not accept contributions from lobbyists or political action committees, casting his decision as a noble departure from the ways of Washington. Obama, you see, is pure as the driven snow [Ed. — Begin the countdown until some | Read More »

    A Point Well Made on Obama

    A caller to Rush Limbaugh’s show made a great point well. It’s one I have not heard made as well. Let’s go back to Saddleback. Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that Obama via Andrea Mitchell is telling the truth: John McCain had advanced knowledge of the questions (yeah, yeah, I know it is not true, but let’s pretend it is. Let’s humor Barry). Okay, so | Read More »

    Obama’s kid brother found alive, in a hut

    Jake Tapper tells us that they’ve found Barack Obama’s kid brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama, in a hut near Nairobi. This was from the Italian version of Vanity Fair, and I’d never imagined that there was such a thing. Barry, get your brother out of that hut!

    Ben Smith of Politico Admits Obama Supported Infanticide

    It’s great that members of the mainstream media are now getting in on the act and admitting that Obama did support infanticide in the Illinois State Senate. Check out Ben’s post here. What? Don’t see the admission from Ben that Obama did support infanticide? Go read it again. That Smith is slinging Obama’s mud against Jill Stanek is proof positive and a total admission that | Read More »

    Embracing the Axis of Evil: An Obama Adviser Goes To Syria and Comes Home Unsure if He Was Used

    Obama has previously said he would unconditionally meet with the presidents of Syria and Iran. Now one of his advisors has gone to Syria to offer some advice to Syria’s leaders. Daniel Kurtzer, one of Obama’s many, many foreign policy advisers, went to Syria and met with Syria’s Foreign Minister, Walid al-Moallem. Kurtzer and the Obama campaign say this was unrelated to the campaign. There | Read More »

    McCain Flips The Script

    In recent polls John McCain has flipped Barack Obama’s lead and now leads by 6 points, 46%-41%. In another poll John McCain leads when it comes to the economy with more Americans trusting him over Barack Obama. McCain is proving to be the right Republican for the right time. A time in which Republicans are like the bubonic plague. Why to say the word Republican | Read More »