BREAKING: NBC News Says It Will Not Be Bayh or Kaine

    From the NBC News transcript: MITCHELL: all pointing to biden. at home and under wraps today surrounded by family who have been gathering all week, even on the eve of the announcement not yet given the official word, sources say, unlike the other top contenders, virginia governor tim kaine and indiana senator evan bayh.SEN. EVAN BAYH: it’s not mine to report.MITCHELL: sources say they were | Read More »

    Obama-Bayh ’08

    Folks, it is looking more and more likely that it will be Obama-Bayh ’08 (AE suggests that looks a lot like pig latin). But this is not the sticker, despite the Drudge headline and mysterious news report: How do I know? First, Obama likes pastels and non-traditional campaign paraphernalia. Second, it looks much like like this one:

    Txt Me XTC

    I can’t help but think, as I imagine all these Democrats hovering over their iPhones, sweat rolling down their cheeks, shushing everyone who dares speak, of another group of acolytes who spent their time in anxious anticipation of the ultimate selection by their “The One”: Can’t you just picture the txtual release, the electoral ecstasy, when they finally get their magic missive from on high? | Read More »

    I told you guys Georgia was not in play.

    The Obama team realizes it too. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned. Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida and Virginia are considered key battlegrounds this year. Obama’s decision to stop advertising in those | Read More »

    Is It Just Me . . .?

    Or does it sound like Obama really does not want a VP? Just, for example, is Adam Nagourney from the NewsHour on PBS: What they’re going to do is they’re going to send out, so they say, a text message or e-mail to millions of supporters and reporters who have signed up to get it. That will be the first time it There’s one thing | Read More »

    The More They Know About Him, The Less They Like Him

    Barack Obama is in trouble. I knew this would happen, but I didn’t expect it to happen until after he took office as President. You see I have said from the beginning that America would not like Barack Obama. I said they wouldn’t like his policies, they wouldn’t like his leadership. I just didn’t think they would like him at all. I was right. I | Read More »

    A Show of Unity behind Barack Obama?

    Does anyone have an over/under for the duration of any riots in Denver next week? That political party, the Dem one, is not united and excited. The Miami Herald ran a story today by Beth Reinhard: Clinton stumps for Obama in South Florida. It deals with Hillary talking to 1,000 senior voters who in a town north of Miami who, it is reported, hate President | Read More »

    Obama on Iraq: Then and Now

    Then (August 2007): “All of our top military commanders recognize that there is no military solution in Iraq.” Now (August 2008): “Let’s be clear, our troops have completed every mission they’ve been given. They have created the space for political reconciliation.” (h/t): VDH

    It Will Be Hillary.

    Rush Limbaugh is all excited that Hillary wasn’t even vetted for VP (he says, according the AP). But the All-seeing MahaRushi missed one: they didn’t have to vet her specifically. They’ve been doing opposition research on her for months! With Obama tanking in the polls, he will either pick Hillary as his running mate, or he will not be elected.

    Friday in August: One Last Veep Speculation Thread

    Well, now that Barack Obama is calling the unlucky ones, we’re running out of time to do the last fun speculation thing prior to the election, and I still haven’t thrown up a post of significance about all this. So here goes. On Obama’s side, it seemed clear from the beginning that he was going to bollix this choice. It tends to prove the old | Read More »

    Deep Sixing the Obama Vessel

    *Nota bene; Originally posted in December 2006. I usually don’t recycle articles, but I was asked; several times. The recent thoughtful opining by the press and others on Barack Obama is very nice, feel good reading. It makes me think of tall fragrant grass, fresh summer winds and other calming thoughts. Frankly, it is a pleasant fantasy which distracts from daily concerns such as potential | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     74 Days until Election Day  August 22, 2008 QUOTE OF THE DAY: "He is way too ‘Harvard’." – Derek Shearer, Occidental College Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs and Ambassador to Finland in the Clinton administration on Barack Obama. MORNING UPDATE: STATE CONVENTION TOMORROW…MICHIGAN GOP STATE CONVENTION INFO…here is the information on our upcoming State Convention to take place Saturday, August 23rd. OBAMA – AYERS | Read More »

    Video: Erick’s interview on H&C.

    Part One had Colmes doing an excellent example of a poleaxed bull (who would have thought that a few sheets of paper could carry such a wallop?): Temp… …while Part Two had this Steve Murphy guy almost frothing at the mouth from the way that Erick (and, belatedly, Alice Stewart) kept jabbing him. But Part Three – the Lefty blog that I pulled the video | Read More »

    Senator Obama: How Many Houses?

    Senator Obama, I see that you are making a big deal over the fact that your Republican rival owns several pieces of property, as if it were some major scandal. But if you really want to be accurate, you should note that John McCain owns no property at all, as all those houses are under his wife and children’s names. I also see that your | Read More »

    Can this birth certificate nonsense be over now?

    Jess Heng of has held the stupid thing in his hands. They have taken photos of it. It says “Barack Hussein Obama II” as the name and “Honolulu” as the place of birth. The document number is 151 1961 – 010641. It is, in other words, a certified copy of a birth certificate that shows that the assumed Democratic candidate for President is eligible | Read More »