Rick Davis schools David Axelrod on race card

    Mark has addressed some of Barack Obama’s campaign’s handling of the “race card” issue. But it is worth watching the appearance. It is astonishing that Axelrod was so unprepared for this:Note that the closing argument that Obama has never proposed an energy tax increase is laughably false with today’s Politico story about funding a $1,000 rebate with a tax on energy companies. Axelrod is just | Read More »

    What lies behind the pretty words


    What Senator Obama’s Oil-Price Relief Will Cost

    Ok, this is pretty interesting. Senator Obama told us a few weeks ago that John McCain’s proposal for a summer-long Federal tax holiday on gasoline was nothing but empty political theater.So now The One has given us a gesture with quite a bit more theater to it. He wants to give every adult American $500, right now. You can read his plan here.So figure that’s | Read More »

    Today is a Good Day to be a Conservative

    Driving by a wide cornfield today, listening to Rush Limbaugh’s twentieth anniversary show – hearing the good news about the lowered casualties in Iraq – watching the American left fall over themselves to nominate a cult-of-personality candidate with no answers to offer on war, energy, or the economy, who promptly betrays their trust on every issue that matters – and now the candidate who might | Read More »

    Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh

    Obama, yesterday, told people to just inflate their tires and get a regular car tune up. Rush Limbaugh posted this on his site earlier. You can find a full size image here at Rush’s site.

    McCain campaign releases “Praise the One” commercial

    Its about time the gloves came off. Believe the video is over the top? Watch the video again and listen to Obama in his own words, then consider what people said here locally during his visit. One woman actually called him a messiah (didnt see THE in front of her description as reported by the News-Leader).There are many truths regarding how the Obama campaign and | Read More »

    Spot The Differences

    Senator Obama and his allies in the liberal press are flummoxed and mystified by assertions that Obama is playing the race card. Yet, Obama keeps on pointing out that we are being “scared” by “they” because he doesn’t look like all those other Presidents on the dollar bill. I guess he’s trying to entertain us with some of those fun, Sunday paper-style puzzles.I tried the | Read More »

    The One

    If you are willing to make a donation, the campaign can get this into greater circulation.But they need your help.

    Barack’s hints of misogyny shine through again

    Strieff nicely handled the absurd charges of racism against John McCain for the celebrity ad. Hopefully the blowhard press can let that one lie.But Barack Obama’s slip last night on Hillary Clinton is telling and fits a pattern of mysogyny in his campaign. Visa CBS:”At a time when we’ve got bigger challenges than any time in our history and you’re running ads with Hillary and | Read More »

    African American protestors heckle Obama

    African American protestors holding a banner reading “What about the black community Obama?” heckled Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Florida on Friday. Three men stood up as Obama was talking about the economy during a townhall meeting in St Petersburg in Florida, a key battleground state in Obama’s duel with Republican John McCain in November’s election. “What about the black community?” the protestors chanted.Article | Read More »

    Racist Campaign Ad Watch

    Given that our betters have been instructing us that it’s racist to depict or associate Barack Obama with white women, I have investigated and uncovered scandalous new evidence of more ads and campaign videos that have used this racist tactic. Read on for the evidence of this smear campaign directed at Senator Obama:

    How We Won in Iraq

    The Surge didn’t work, say the Democrats. The Anbar Awakening was happening before the Surge. They’re so off-base that calling them wrong ought to embarrass wrongness.The Surge was a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for victory in Iraq. The sufficient condition — making Al Qaeda uncool — just would not have happened had we not followed through on our commitment to free Iraq from the | Read More »

    Whitey need not apply

    Whitey Need Not ApplyBy Patrick J. Buchanan”Will race be an issue in this campaign?”Hearing the cable talk-show host solemnly pose the question, Icould not suppress a belly laugh.For the anchor was fearful that some white folks might reject Obamabecause he is African-American — even as a Rasmussen poll wasreporting that Barack is beating McCain among black voters 94 to 1.

    From the Dog Whistle: Barack Obama Is Gay

    UPDATED: Jonathan Chait barks at the dog whistle.It is becoming increasingly clear that the Obama campaign and the media, to the extent that they aren’t congruent sets, have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama can’t beat John McCain on the issues. Obama’s entire history on the war in Iraq has been proven to be wrong in every particular. His solutionto our part of the | Read More »

    How’d You Spend YOUR 20 Years?

    Twenty years of Rush Limbaugh on the radio. It occurs to me if Barack Obama had spent twenty years listening to Rush instead of listening to Reverend Wright, that would have him drummed out of the Democrat party. What a world.