I am a huge supporter of John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin! Long ago I was a Democrat then when I really started listening to the views I noticed I started voting Republican. As I have watched this election I have noticed that Mr. Obama has denied and not been completely honest with his assosications. I find this very disturbing. I feel that if he | Read More »

    Turning Anger & Passion Into Action

    I won’t take up valuable bandwidth by posting links – there are a plethora of stories about “angry” McCain/Palin supporters. Also, there is no shortage of stories pushing the mantra that the election is over &, without saying it, Obama is…Inevitable. We’ve heard this little ditty before. “Lifelong” Republicans & conservatives who have seen the light & are going to vote for the Democrat – | Read More »

    Democrats Midas Touch

    The truth…the leftists can’t handle the truth. Go to the link below for the truth.

    MI Morning UPdate

    36 Days until Election Day September 29, 2008   QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Who does he think I was talking about when I said ‘people on Main Street?’” -John McCain, responding to Obama’s attack for not using the phrase “middle class” in the debate. MORNING UPDATE: OBAMA IN DETROIT…same old rhetoric…but wasn’t it funny that the Obama campaign needed to bring Hillary Clinton into Michigan | Read More »

    More on the AntiChrist

    I can see that I am going to have to toughen up out here! I can’t believe how blistering people are blogging. But I am not going to back down. I’ll just refrain from my creative manner of expressing things and just be brutal right back. Some of you seem to just be looking for a fight! Maybe I got a little carried away, but | Read More »

    Clarifying the AntiChrist entry

    Okay, since clearly few understood the point – I’m sorry, I’m a marketing professional so I believe in an attention-getting headline! I do not believe that Barak Obama IS the AntiChrist – what I was getting at is that this is the kind of garbage – spectacle, egomaniacal display complete with the throngs of adoring people thinking this man is the world’s answer to all | Read More »

    Sincere? My Rear

    As I sat and listened to all the praise last night about how wonderful Bill Clinton’s speech was – how he is one of the greatest speakers and how he lived up to what he does best. It made me sick but I agree – he is and always has been, the consummate liar. It doesn’t surprise me democrats still love him. They are godless | Read More »

    Child from The Galilee dies

    The child from the Galilee died. WWBD. What would Barak have done? The child I am referring to was being carried by a 26-year old woman “in the fifth month of her pregnancy when she underwent a series of tests…It was discovered that she was suffering from internal bleeding and that the embryo had ceased to show signs of life,” according to The Jerusalem Post. | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     76 Days until Election Day  August 20, 2008 QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Here comes the orator! With his flood of words, and his dropof reason." — Benjamin Franklin (Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1735) MORNING UPDATE: BEN FRANKLIN AND OBAMA…who knew he had a dream about a guy named Barack Obama so long ago? OBAMA-AYERS…CHICAGO COVER UP…National Review has two stories about the "cover up" by the University | Read More »

    Saddleback Church debate analysis

    Crossposted at It was surprising that Charles Krauthammer on FoxNews felt Obama looked relaxed and confident. That wasn’t the case at all. Obama looked tight and worked harder to avoid mistakes than to give confident answers. His choices of heroes were nice sounding and “safe” but lacked thoughtfulness. He remains canned and vapid in his responses even in this relaxed forum. His most poor | Read More »

    Polling Pennsylvania

    So the national polls have settled into a holding pattern of Obama +2 to +6. The tracking polls are in that range as well as most national surveys (with the slight exception of Gallup’s recent Obama +7 in a national poll). And most states have not moved much over the last 30 days. FL went from a McCain lead of 2-5 to a toss-up but | Read More »

    The Media’s Diversity Problem

    The recent Rasmussenpoll finding that now 49% of Americans think the media will try to help Obama win the election has been noted repeatedly in the blogosphere. To add some extra data to back up that finding, here is Fox’s latest national poll on the race. Headline: Obama 41, McCain 40. As I read through the poll qustions, I noticed something I don’t usually see: | Read More »

    The Abortion Conundrum in Blue State America

    This is my first diary posting after reading for a while. I decided to create my own posting almost as a form of therapy. You see I am a conservative who was born in New York City, went to the most elitist liberal public schools, attended state universities, worked mostly with liberal non-profits (I was even a community organizer!!) and now live in New | Read More »

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