Transition of Power – What about our “War on Terror?”

    A view from the field: The 2008 Presidential Election will greatly affect the military including its components of the National Guard and Reserve units, as well as the Global War on Terror. Factors that can be influenced by Obama’s decisions include less deployments and funding. Global War on Terror is not based in one particular location or with one specific group. Another uncertainty lies on | Read More »

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    The Emerging Picture of Barak Obama

    We see- possibly too late- an emerging picture of Barak H. Obama.The picture is of a man committed to changing the Constitution to empower the Courts to determine our rights, instead of defending them.Of a man who is completely willing to run a campaign that engages in massive internet money laundering.Of a man who is committed to the destruction of basic American industries.Of a man | Read More »

    Democrats Midas Touch

    The truth…the leftists can’t handle the truth. Go to the link below for the truth.

    The Rising of the AntiChrist

    This whole presentation of Barak Obama reminds me of the Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ Left Behind series, most specifically the Rise of the AntiChrist. I wish everyone would go back and read this fictional series and recall how close to reality the fiction of Jules Verne and other SciFi writers have come. The rise of the world’s rock star; the glimmer, the lies and | Read More »

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    John McCain’s legacy

    Little can be said that can add to John McCain’s honorable legacy serving our great country. As Navy pilot fighting far from home as his father and grandfather did before him, as a casualty in a shipboard fire, as prisoner of war to a merciless and God-less regime in unspeakable conditions, and as a longtime maverick legislator in the world’s greatest democracy, John McCain has | Read More »

    Michelle & Barak’s Jihad style fist-bumping (New Yorker Cover)

    This is hilarious. You can be sure Bambi’s MSM puppets will cry foul over this satire. But the truth may lie in the satire, a picutre is certainly worth a thousand words Will American voters realize Bambi is just a trojan horse before it is too late? Are those Obamabots & Obama Youth going to burn down ‘New Yorker’? Hold your breath.A populsitic, charismatic, self-serving | Read More »