Moms Against Jeb Bush

    Bless her heart,  Barbara Bush was asked if her son Jeb Bush should run for President and she bluntly said no, “We’ve had enough Bushes.” Ouch. But Mom Bush isn’t the only mom in America that thinks he shouldn’t seek the nomination.    Moms across America are not happy with Jeb Bush and his education policies, specifically his support of Common Core.  Common core is causing | Read More »

    Don’t Let It Get To You, Sarah.

    It reminds me of the well-meaning, well-spoken, genteel elderly lady that you see in so many movies. “Oh, what a lovely young man” she says, while sipping afternoon tea. It is usually a humorous moment in the production, with her description of an escaped criminal to an investigating police officer. I’m not comparing any of Barbara Bush’s likable people to a convict, but her comments | Read More »

    Harry Reid attacked Barbara Bush in his book.

    (Via AoSHQ): In 1988, I was a Democrat.  I came from a long line of Democrats; we were a good union household, the old blue-collar generation pushing the new generation into white collar.  When it came to political heroes, it was FDR, Truman, JFK all the way: my parents voted for Carter, and grumbled about Reagan throughout his term.  1988 was my first election, and | Read More »

    Ashley Biden is a Cokehead. So was Barack Obama. Big Deal

    By now you’ve all heard that Ashley Biden is a cokehead . . . or at least was caught on video snorting coke. Just like Barack Obama. In the process of writing about the Vice President’s daughter, the media just can’t help drag Barbara and Jenna Bush into this or Bristol Palin. Let’s catch up: Barbara and Jenna were underage drinkers. Their father allegedly snorted | Read More »