Third Parties in Swing States Make a Difference, So Don’t Do It!

    I understand why some folks voted Libertarian. I was confronted this year with a US House race (FL-15) where a qualified independent candidate was running. I feared that the Democrat Dr. Blythe, a Planned Parenthood supporter, could win without my vote for the GOP Posey (who won). Consider these cases from this 2008 election yesterday: If 90% of those 29,000 who voted for Barr (L) | Read More »

    The Washington Times: Today’s Headlines — Oct. 21, 2008 White House open to second stimulusBernanke presses Congress to act against downturn Is limited government passe?Conservatives worried, plot path back from big spending McCain, Obama remain sketchy on deficitGroups offer budget knives Va. pharmacy caters to pro-life customersWill stock no birth control Libertarian Barr says he scares McCain McCain targets white Clinton strongholds Inside the Beltway: Bachmann on | Read More »

    Mortgagecare Part D

    Am I the only conservative who felt a sickening feeling when McCain proposed socializing America’s “troubled mortgages”?

    So much for those 34 EVs for Barr (or Nader)

    If McCain wins by a handful of electoral votes this fall, I guess we’ll have to hear that he was selected by a Texas Supreme Court packed with Bush cronies.

    Third Party Voters

    The American electoral system is heavily biased against more than two parties, just as all winner take all, single-member constituencies are. It is not because of money, entrenched corruption or media conspiracy (though the two parties having the lion’s share of the money is certainly an effect). It is also not uniquely American, other nations with this way of electing representatives have also not had | Read More »

    From Georgia to Georgia

    Everyday this past week, I have watched the news as usual. Everyday I have seen the same four things; Olympics, Georgia Invaded, McCain/Obama, and the hurricane. Not much I can say about a hurricane. I guess I should inset an obligatory congratulation statement for Michael Phelps. So there. The other two news stories, however, fascinate me. Georgia, that’s the one near Russia, is a bit | Read More »